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Chapter 511 - Challenging the Third Grade

Once Tang Wulin left the Battle Hall and returned to his busy life, he strived to learn and grow as fast as possible alongside his classmates in the first grade.

Although it was Wu Zhangkong’s first time teaching at Shrek Academy, Shen Yi had left all teaching responsibilities to him. The students were much more diligent compared to when she had led the class, so she needn’t get involved. Watching their growth though the days brought a smile to her lips.

The teams of Tang Wulin and the rankers led their class in terms of growth. With their current pace, it was very possible that they would make it into the inner court!

Half of the academic year passed by in the blink of an eye.

“Tang Wulin, come to my office after class,” Wu Zhangkong said one day at the end of lecture.

“Yes, Teacher Wu.” In the past several months, Tang Wulin had grown a few centimeters and now stood nearly 1.8 meters tall. His face had shed much of its baby fat, revealing handsome and sharp features that further accentuated his large, clear eyes and high-bridged nose. He was already more charming than the Ice Prince Wu Zhangkong. If not for his immature age, Tang Wulin would have been the focus of affection for just as many ladies as Wu Zhangkong. Among those the same age as him, however, he was a prince.

“Any idea what Teacher Wu wants you for?” Xie Xie asked, elbowing Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin shrugged as he put away his textbooks. “No clue. I’ll see soon enough I guess. Well, catch ya later.”

When Tang Wulin arrived at the office, Wu Zhangkong looked up from his desk and beckoned Tang Wulin over.

“Here, take this,” Wu Zhangkong said, a hand with a silver card outstretched toward Tang Wulin a silver card.

“Teacher Wu, what’s this for?”

“Your mecha has been approved. Stick this into the slot in your mecha. It’ll show up when you get scanned at checkpoints and they will let you through. Now you can fly anywhere on the continent.”

“Yes!” Tang Wulin grinned. His mecha had been finished months earlier, but bureaucratic red tape dragged out the process of issuing his legal permit. An incredible hassle. Despite having Wu Zhangkong’s referral and his own heroic deeds in Heaven Dou City, Tang Wulin had waited months for his legal permit to be approved.

“Thank you, Teacher Wu.”

“Don’t thank me just yet. There’s something else I wanted to talk to you about. I remember in the beginning of the year you said you wanted to challenge the third grade. I asked Elder Cai for approval and she did. You can begin preparing now. But it won’t just be the first grade challenging the third. You’ll be teaming up with the second grade for the match.”

“What’s the format of the competition then?” Tang Wulin asked.

“Three one-on-one battles, one two-on-two battle, and a final match between seven-man teams. You’ll combine forces with Wu Siduo’s team for the competition. The second graders will send s

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