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Chapter 515 - Rematch Against Yuanen Yehui

Since when was Xie Xie this strong? And Xu Xiaoyan’s control skills too! She completely countered Duan Hunxiao! Ye Xingmo didn’t even stand a chance in the end!

Without executing any spectacular combos, Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan bashed their way to an overwhelming victory..

When the spectating first grade students finally snapped out of their stupor, they exploded into applause. Only five were silent: the rankers.

“Can you beat him one-on-one?” Luo Guixing asked, glancing at Xu Yucheng.

“I don’t know,” Xu Yucheng said, his usual arrogance blunted.

Yuanen Yehui stood dumbstruck among the second grade students. The burning gaze Xie Xie had sent her way before taking down Duan Hunxiao and Ye Xingmo still burned vividly in her mind, scorched on like a brand. Words weren’t needed to convey his intention.Am I still not good enough for you?

She couldn’t deny his growth. His strength. Xie Xie had maintained control of the battle’s tempo and displayed a deeper understanding of his martial souls than before. He was incomparable to his past self.

With Tang Wulin shining as bright as the sun, Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan had been hidden in his shadow. But that did not mean they were weak. They stood as equals with the rest of the team, each one of them excellent talents.

When did Xu Xiaoyan get this strong?Yuanen Yehui had never seen Xu Xiaoyan use Starlight Reflection before.No wonder Tang Wulin was so confident! They’re stronger than I ever expected.

The students of the second grade sported pale faces. The match had finished all too quickly, not even a full minute in length. Duan Hunxiao didn’t even have a chance to use a soul skill. It was an absolute thrashing! Utterly shameful for them. Despite their posturing, they were the losers.

The second match pitted Tang Wulin and Gu Yue against Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu. They ascended the stage after the previous combatants exited. The stands fell into silence once more, everyone watching with bated breath. If the previous match was a contest between the average talent in either grade, then this was a match between the peaks!

Yue Zhengyu beamed as he met Tang Wulin’s eyes. “Wulin, there’s a little something I wanted to talk with you about. Why don’t you chill it with the soul fusion skills today? That would be too unfair. It’ll also weaken you, so if you use it how will you participate in next week’s competition?”

“Alright. We won’t,” Tang Wulin answered, leaving Yue Zhengyu in momentary disbelief. This wasn’t the Tang Wulin he knew. He had expected Tang Wulin to keep the soul fusion skill as an ace up the sleeve, a show of might.

“That’s a promise, alright?” Yue Zhengyu prodded.

Tang Wulin smirked. “If you’re scared, you should just surrender already.”

Yue Zhengyu raised a brow. “You two only got three rings each, while we got four. What do we have to be afraid of? Well, we’ll see what you got.”

“Enough tr

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