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Chapter 489 - Na'er

On the narrow path, Tang Wulin and the silver-haired girl locked gazes. Shivers ran down their spines.

Previously he had only received the privilege of a fleeting glance before he was whisked away by Wu Zhangkong. But now, standing face to face with the girl, he could finally see her face clearly. Could finally register those familiar features.


At first, her expression stayed blank, revealing nothing beneath her cold exterior. Then the confusion slowly melted from her eyes and tears welled up. She let out a cry.

Tang Wulin froze as she threw herself into his arms.

Na’er… It’s Na’er! It’s really her!He snapped out of his shock, his heart quivering. He had used his connections to search for her far and wide, but in the end she had been so close at hand. The beautiful girl before him was Na’er, his little sister.

She had been just six when she disappeared, and now before he knew it six years had passed. A blossoming young lady. Tang Wulin hadn’t even recognized her at first glance. But he never forgot her warmth, her smell, and her smile. He could hardly believe that it was her, that he wasn’t dreaming. That he didn’t somehow make a mistake and confused resemblance for the real thing. In fact, when he had blurted out her name, his mind had yet to catch up with his body. Never had he expected this.

Na’er hugged him tight, her body trembling as she sobbed. “Big Brother! Big Brother! Is it really you? This isn’t a lie, right?” she asked, eyes bright. Her heart tingled with excitement.

Tang Wulin shared her sentiment, if not more. He was strong and brave, but in the end, the scars of having his family leave him would never fade. He had grown up an orphan. This reunion with Na’er, his little sister, was more than he could hope for.

Na’er’s really big now! And she’s so slender. I can’t believe she used to be a glutton like me. She’s only twelve but she looks a bit older. Wow.

But she remembers me! I’m still her big brother!

Minutes later, the two finally put a stopper on their overflowing emotions.

Na’er smiled brilliantly at Tang Wulin. “Big Brother, why are you here?”

“I’m an outer court student. What about you? I heard from Teacher Wu that you’re the Sea God Pavilion’s master’s disciple? I thought your martial soul didn’t awaken?”

Na’er wiped away the last of her tears. “Big Brother, you first! What have you been doing these past years?”

Tang Wulin’s eyes reddened once more at her question. He did his best to fight back the tears as he told her of what happened after she left. When she heard about his parents’ disappearance, her brows drew tight in a frown. She remained silent throughout the story, an attentive listener. By the time he was finished, the sky was pitch black.

“Na’er, what about you?” Tang Wulin asked. But right before she could answer, his communicator rang. He took it out and looked at the name on the screen. “Sorry, it’s my teacher,” he s

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