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Chapter 517 - Yuanen Yehui and the Tempest

With all seven elements at her fingertips, Gu Yue’s tactical options were limitless. Instinct told Tang Wulin that even with Bluesilver Golden Array, he wouldn’t be able to do much against her.

Another fireball crashed into Yuanen Yehui. Exploded in a burst. Her expression was grave, betraying the whirlwind of calculations flying through her mind. She used Titan Strength and Diamond Titan to take on the elemental storm instead of the more taxing Devil Titan.Screw it! I’ll go all in!

In truth, Yuanen Yehui knew that losing was inevitable. The moment Tang Wulin escaped the light and darkness sword combo attack in one piece had marked the beginning of the end. But she couldn’t give up yet. Not even when Gu Yue’s outburst had been beyond their expectations. She would fight until the very end. If she could outlast Gu Yue’s soul power, then she could force a one-on-one duel with Tang Wulin. With the injuries he had sustained, she had the barest sliver of a chance at turning the tables.

Yuanen Yehui was confident that her soul power capacity was greater than Gu Yue’s. Having twin martial souls and a higher soul power rank was the main reason. She was rank 43. Since cultivation became much harder past rank 40, and Gu Yue had just broken through, she couldn’t be any higher than rank 41. Yuanen Yehui was certain that Gu Yue’s repeated use of the staff was rapidly depleting her soul power.

One after another, balls of elemental energy slammed into Yuanen Yehui. She clenched her jaw and took on dozens of attacks. Yet there seemed to be no stop in sight.

How is her soul power lasting so long? Unbelievable!Yuanen Yehui’s eyes widened more and more the longer she stared at Gu Yue.

Elder Cai was already on the stage, waiting for the moment her intervention was needed. She watched with narrowed eyes, aware of the entirety of the situation. It was true that Gu Yue’s soul power couldn’t outlast Yuanen Yehui’s. But her martial soul controlled the elements and there was a fundamental difference between it and other martial souls. Wielding the elements required both soul power and spiritual power. In fact, spiritual power was more important for this than soul power. Because of this,Gu Yue’s spiritual power was greater than her soul power, and far surpassed Yuanen Yehui’s. Without this basis of strength, Gu Yue would never have been able to wield such great might for so long.

Another fireball crashed into Yuanen Yehui. She staggered but held her ground.I can’t get pushed back any further or I’ll be off the stage!She growled and finally resorted to her fourth soul skill, Devil Titan. It was all or nothing!

With a swirling aura of might, she punched an incoming ice ball into smithereens! She sent blast after blast of air to intercept her opponent’s attacks. But the moment she had done this, her eyes caught Tang Wulin approaching Gu Yue with a smile.

“That’s enough now,” Tang Wulin said, p

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