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Chapter 493 - Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth

After a short while, Tang Wulin and Na’er reached the lakeside of Sea God’s Lake.

“Big Brother, aren’t you going to ask about my martial soul?” Na’er prompted as she summoned her spear. With a flick of her hand, it writhed and undulated, no more than a silver blur. “It’s called the Silver Dragon Spear.”

Silver Dragon Spear?Tang Wulin’s eyes went wide, his heart racing with anticipation.

With a giggle, her martial soul vanished. She hopped onto the small boat parked on the shore with the grace of a fairy. Tang Wulin quickly followed suit.

The moon hung clear in the evening sky. Below, the lake caught the lunar and celestial glow, a cascading reflection upon the calm surface. Their small boat cut through the lake of stars, ripples distorting the still image in their wake.

“The stars are pretty tonight!” Na’er said, a gleeful smile tugging on pink lips.

Tang Wulin took in her joyful expression and found it contagious. His heart was at peace. It didn’t matter to him that she was a powerful soul master. No. All he cared about was that his little sister was safe and sound. That they had reunited.

This beautiful, serene scene was fleeting, the boat slowly approaching Sea God’s Island. But it was precious all the same.

After docking on Sea God’s Island, the two disembarked, their feet taking them toward the center of the island. Na’er clung to Tang Wulin’s arm, her lips never changing from an adoring smile. He couldn’t help but ruffle her hair the way he did when they were kids. The love in her eyes. He could see them glowing so.

“This is where I live,” Na’er whispered, her arm slowly rising, a finger pointed at a small wooded hill to the side.

Tang Wulin stopped and faced her. “Okay. Hurry on home.”

“Big Brother, are we meeting at the same place tomorrow?” she said, looking up at him.

“Sure! I’m not sure if I can stay out this long tomorrow though. I still need to cultivate.”

“Yay! I’ll be happy as long as I get to see you.” With that, Na’er waved him goodbye, then left for the hill, her figure shrinking with every step.

After she was no longer a speck in the distance, Tang Wulin took in a deep breath. In and out. The joy in his heart for reuniting with Na’er burned radiantly, warming his chest in soft brushes.

In the next few days, Tang Wulin diligently practiced Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens. Since his blood essence was as vigorous as it was and he had already achieved the foundation of reversing his blood essence flow, he quickly picked up everything from Zhuo Shi’s next lesson. Which was on the sixth day, and covered the second of the Nine Arts of the Scarlet Dragon. Dragon Shakes the Earth. For Tang Wulin, the art was more personalized: Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth. After shocking the heavens, shaking the earth next seemed the most appropriate.

Tang Wulin was able to progress quickly thanks to his foundation in Golden Dragon Shock

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