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Chapter 508 - Mecha Piloting

The students were just beginning to learn how to pilot, so starting with the fundamentals was crucial. Even for Tang Wulin, with his superb physical abilities, he needed two classes before he could properly balance in a mecha.

Alright! Teacher Duan said I need imagine myself being as huge as the mecha, then I need to find my balance.Tang Wulin was also only student who didn’t fall over during their first session.

Mecha piloting was strenuous and deliberate work. Even the slightest twitch in the pilot’s muscles would be reflected in the mecha’s movements. The pilot had to maintain absolute control over every muscle to control the mecha properly.

For example, a single muscle going taut in the arm would cause the mecha’s arm to move as well. If they were shooting a soul cannon, that would affect their shot’s trajectory.

Piloting was a practice of controlling one’s own body. This control was the foundation required of any hopeful pilot.

“Good. That’s enough drills now. Does anyone want to volunteer to demonstrate some more advanced movements? You kids can choose whatever you want,” Duan Shang said through the comms channel.

Tang Wulin’s mecha did a little hop. “Teacher Duan, let me do it.”

“Okay. Come over here,” Duan Shang said as his mecha pedalled backward to the center of the field. His expectations were high for Tang Wulin, class president of the first grade. In all his years of teaching piloting, Tang Wulin was the first class president to sign up.

Generally, all class presidents had a solid chance of making it into the inner court, so they spent all their time on either making battle armor or cultivating. Tang Wulin, on the other hand, signed up for the class and attended with genuine enthusiasm. He had a talent for piloting too. With his powerful body, he quickly progressed. Duan Shang couldn’t be more satisfied with him.

This was their third class of the semester, yet Tang Wulin had already fully grasped how to balance and basic mecha maneuvers. If he kept this pace, he would be able to pilot a yellow-grade mecha within a year! He truly had a talent for this.

Tang Wulin lifted a leg and and made his mecha take a step forward, ever so slowly. Then he took another, and another, onward to the center of the field.

“Excellent. Your balance is really good,” Duan Shang said.

When Tang Wulin finally reached the center, he let out a deep breath and calmed his nerves. His senses were spread outward, his spiritual power encompassing the entire mecha.Become one with the mecha. One with the mecha.

He raised his arm and lifted a leg, then brought them back in, slowly and steadily. Not a bit of impatience could be found in his body.

These basic movements were no issue for him, but he couldn’t neglect practicing the fundamentals, especially as a fledgling pilot. Even so, he went through the routine quickly, already quite skilled after a few piloting sessions.


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