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Chapter 514 - Power Bide

Xie Xie tracked the movement of Ye Xingmo’s sword, clad in resplendent starlight as it was and piercing straight toward him. He used Purple Demon Eyes in the nick of time, stunning his opponent. In that brief opening, Xie Xie thrust with his dagger, still firmly rooted to where he stood. Domineering might rippled from him, his dagger shining iridescent like the sun and bathing the entire arena in its light.

Ye Xingmo narrowed his eyes.I-is this Power Bide?

Power Bide was not a natural soul skill. Rather, it was a skill developed by humans to defy the heavens.Isn’t Power Bide supposed to be lost? How does he know it?

In the rear, the distinct trill of a flute. As a control-type, Duan Hunxiao had the abilities needed to counter Power Bide.

But before he could do anything to intervene, starlight blossomed beneath him and his body stiffened, the soul power circulation within him forcibly interrupted.

Ye Xingmo’s thrust whistled through the air but struck nothing. Pivoting off his front foot, he recouped his posture and lunged at Xie Xie once more. He had to stop Xie Xie from completing his Power Bide.

Inches before the sword pierced Xie Xie, his figure flickered and disappeared. Ye Xingmo’s eyes went wide as a blur flew past him.

Xie Xie’s Power Bide was complete. His dagger roared as he flew forth, so fast that he was merely a streak of light shooting straight for Duan Hunxiao.

Having just broken free from the chains of starlight, Duan Hunxiao was in no position to defend himself. All he saw was a flash of light when he looked up.

With a clang, Duan Hunxiao’s flute was split in two and a line of crimson warmth blossomed from his throat.

W-what happened?

Xie Xie had been no more than a streak of light. A blink and he had drawn blood. From the corner of his eye, Duan Hunxiao could see the blazing light subside.

Elder Cai waved her hand and a beam of light brought Duan Hunxiao off the stage. There was no doubt that the strongest control-type of the second grade had just been eliminated! Xie Xie had given a brilliant performance of a one-hit knockout. Even Elder Cai couldn’t help but give an approving nod.

Yuanen Yehui looked on in disbelief. She was aware of Duan Hunxiao’s strength, especially in combination with Ye Xingmo. Yet Xie Xie had eliminated him in a flash. She had caught a glimpse of Xie Xie’s eyes and they had shocked her. Nothing like she had ever seen. The conviction swirling within them too hot to endure, sending shivers down her spine.

Ye Xingmo had turned around just in time to see Duan Hunxiao disappear in a beam of light and Xie Xie fade into invisibility. He gripped his sword tight, the blade flaring with light.Now he also has four rings!

The stellar light bloomed, enveloping the entire stage. Specks of starlight, all carrying a sharp edge, gathered around Ye Xingmo. They began to spread, swarming toward Xu Xiaoyan.

This was Ye Xingmo’s fo

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