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Chapter 459 - Another Soul Fusion Skill

Were Long Chen not eliminated in the beginning of the match, the Imperial Sun Moon Academy team might have had a chance to turn things around. But without their captain, they were stuck on the defensive.

Long Chen finally regained consciousness. Jaw clenched in pain and neck sore, he slowly recovered sight of the arena as he roused. The view before him, that of a spectator looking in, confused him at first. Eventually, he came to the conclusion he had been defeated, though how in which he had been taken down he could not recall. His face soured.

Through sheer will, Long Chen slowly but surely grasped at the bits of memory floating in his mind. The process of bringing out his full strength, soul power coursing through his veins. The strange sensation that overtook his body right after. His brow furrowed as he remembered his source of power snuffed out like a candle wick. His body had frozen, leaving him open to his opponent’s attacks and an instant knockout.

He was disappointed with himself. He knew how important this match was for his academy, yet he had gotten eliminated and left them at a huge disadvantage. Even so, the match wasn’t over yet. He had faith in his teammates. Although he was the captain, he wasn’t the true ace of their team.

You guys have to win!He clenched his fists.

“Skytiger!” Jian Mochen shouted, blood streaming down the corner of his mouth.

Kuang Zhantian threw her Skytiger Axe. Not at Tang Wulin or anyone else on the Shrek Academy team, but at Jian Mochen.

In one quick motion, Jian Mochen tossed his shield to meet the axe.

The instant the two touched, a blinding light illuminated the arena, swallowing Jian Mochen and Kuang Zhantian whole. From the light burst a gigantic winged tiger, heading straight for Gu Yue’s blue fireballs.

Upon impact, the dazzling blue explosions shook the arena. Knocked back, the tiger let out a roar of pain as the flames penetrated into its body and dyed it blue.

Is that a soul fusion skill? It’s gotta be!Tang Wulin’s evaluation was correct. Jian Mochen and Kuang Zhantian fused their martial souls to summon a Skytiger.

As powerful as the tiger was, the might of the fireballs had been unquestionable and wasn’t something it could just shrug off. The tiger’s form flickered transparent, brought forth by its great energy consumption to endure the attack.

Tang Wulin straightened his back, a determined light gleaming in his eyes. His blood essence surged in reverse and starlight shrouded his claw, manifesting as a golden gauntlet.

“Battle armor!” the referee blurted out from the air.

I-is that actually a piece of two-word armor? No way. It can’t be. He’s too young to handle such a thing! It must be something else, like a one-word armor piece made of spirit alloy!Although the referee and the higher-ups of the Imperial Sun Moon Academy held Shrek Academy in contempt, upon sight of Tang Wulin’s gauntlet they

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