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Chapter 486 - The Silver-haired Beauty

The moment Tang Wulin set foot on Sea God’s Island the sharp edge of his determination, while still present, slightly dulled, calmed by his surroundings. He felt invigorated, the air thick with energy. His bluesilver grass perked up, tendrils uncoiling and stretching to take it all in. Giant mulberry trees towered over the heavens. Their trunks were thick and weathered by time, their branches holding up a shield of leaves that protected Sea God’s Island from weather, be it rain or thunder.

It was Tang Wulin’s second time here. Still, his experience was different from the last; he could peer deeper into the mysteries of the island. Perhaps it was because he had reached the Spirit Sea realm and his perception abilities increased.

Tang Wulin followed Wu Zhangkong into the heart of the island. As his eyes wandered around, he noticed another boat approaching the shore. A girl stood in the boat, her silver hair waving in the wind. She looked about thirteen or fourteen years old, dressed in red uniform. As a stronger breeze picked up the bottom of her dress and her flowing hair, his breath was taken away.

She’s pretty!If Tang Wulin had to admit it, he was quite easy on the eyes himself. And his teacher, Wu Zhangkong, was the definition of an icy prince. When he laid eyes on this girl, however, any sort of immunity to beauty he might have carried withered into ash, and he found himself lost in a heat of infatuation toward her. Gentle silver eyes. Slender legs. Simply too charming, a fairy of the lake. Not a single flaw could be found in her features, as if her face had been carefully sculpted by the greatest artist in the world. Despite her youthful appearance, she had the makings of a woman already, curves rounding out her figure, an elegant air around her. Tang Wulin could hardly piece together thoughts at the sight of the girl, let alone speak.

Red was the color of the inner court, her uniform marking her as a member of those elites.But didn’t Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan get booted out for not being battle armor masters? Is she actually a one-word battle armor master already? No way!

“Hm?” Because the footsteps behind Wu Zhangkong went quiet, he paused in his steps and looked back. For his efforts, he was given the unseemly image of Tang Wulin’s dumbstruck face. He moved to Tang Wulin’s side in a flash, hand chopping his student’s head.

Tang Wulin yelped, waking from his stupor. “Teacher Wu.”

Wu Zhangkong followed Tang Wulin’s gaze to the silver-haired girl, then angled his gaze back to his student. “What are you staring for?”

“I-is she an inner court disciple?”

Wu Zhangkong nodded.

Disbelief colored Tang Wulin’s face. “But… doesn’t the inner court only accept battle armor masters? That rule was just implemented, right? Does that mean she’s a one-word battle armor master?”

Wu Zhangkong shot a look at him. “She isn’t. She’s special.”

“How come?”

“She’s the Pavi

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