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Chapter 473 - Statement

“Are you sure you’re fine? You don’t have to force yourself.” Concern coated Zhen Hua’s voice.

Tang Wulin flashed a smile. “Yes, Uncle-master. Thanks for rescuing me!”

Zhen Hua shook his head. “There was no trace of any hostiles when I arrived. You can’t exactly say I’m the one who saved you. But really, your body’s recovery speed is amazing. Without any help, you healed so quickly. How about I take you for another examination?”

“I’m fine,” Tang Wulin said, shrugging. “I already inspected myself. There’s just some minor clogging in my meridian channels from the wounds. They'll unblock themselves in a few days. Everything else is under control.” He frowned, clearing his throat. “Uncle-master, what happened to the conductor? She was attacked too.”

Zhen Hua knitted his brows, sinking deeper within his sea of thoughts until only his head stayed unsubmerged. “If I remember correctly, she isn’t doing too well. I heard she was sent into emergency care, but her brain.” He sighed. “Her brain’s pretty damaged and so is her spirit. I’m sorry Wulin, but they don’t know when she’ll wake.”

Tang Wulin felt as if he were plunged in freezing water, sinking deeper and deeper, the light at the top shrinking into silent darkness. The air surrounding him condensed, thick and viscous and hard to contain in his lungs. He had guessed it. He had guessed this outcome but had turned his cheek in the face of reality, and was now suffering the stinging slap. His hands, cold and damp, curled into fists at his side.How could this happen to Big Sis Mo Lan?

“Uncle-master,” he broke the silence after what seemed like hours, “can you bring me to see her? Big Sis Mo Lan is a good person. She did all she could to protect the passengers both this time and the last. She didn’t hesitate to sacrifice herself for their lives.” Tang Wulin’s voice grew frantic, uncontrolled. “She’s a saint! Please! Can’t you help her?”

“I must escort you to give a report on what happened first. The only eyewitnesses of the whole ordeal are you and that train conductor. Since you’re the only one in any condition to talk…” Zhen Hua frowned, not sure how to frame his words. “Anyway, you’ll give your statement first, then we can go visit her. Alright?”


With that settled, Zhen Hua led Tang Wulin out of the Blacksmith’s Association and the two boarded a car to the city’s administrative offices.

The Blacksmith’s Association had a good relationship with the city administration. Captain Liu An of the 1st Mecha Regiment was specially sent to receive them.

“Hello, Your Eminence,” Liu An said as he opened the car door for Zhen Hua.

Zhen Hua and Tang Wulin got off the car. The sight of Tang Wulin startled Liu An. He clearly recalled how severe Tang Wulin’s state was a few days ago. He could hardly believe how quickly Tang Wulin recovered.

“Let’s go. We can talk inside.” Famous as he was, Zhen Hua was in a hurry to get out of the p

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