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Chapter 456 - The Battle Begins

With the referee’s declaration, the ultimate battle between the Imperial Sun Moon Engineering Academy and the Shrek Academy began.

Instead of taking the lead and rushing forward like he usually did, Tang Wulin summoned his martial soul along with his companions. His aura flared as three purple soul rings rose from beneath his feet. Although he only had three, it was impressive for his age.

Their opponents summoned their martial souls as well. Long Chen took a step forward and he let out a draconic roar. Four purple soul rings appeared around him, his body growing taller by three inches at the same time.

Tang Wulin stared in shock.He has the same amount of soul rings as Wu Siduo! Wait, isn’t there a Long Chen on the Genius Youths Rankings? Yeah, and he was just a few spots below her!

While Wu Siduo had twin martial souls and a self-soul fusion skill, Long Chen only had a single martial soul! The fact that he was only a couple of ranks below her instantly put Tang Wulin on guard. At the same time, anticipation swelled within him.He should be the strongest student within his age in the Imperial Sun Moon Academy.

At Long Chen’s side, Jian Mochen and You Dingqi called forth their martial souls as well.

You Dingqi’s martial soul was a hammer, the chain attached to the handle wrapping around his arm. It was the Meteor Hammer. Three purple soul rings appeared around him. Although his strength was impressive, Long Chen still overshadowed him.

Four soul rings sprung up around Jian Mochen, two yellow and two purple. A round shield large enough to hide his bulk manifested in his hands. A tiger’s face was engraved on its front. He was clearly a defense-type!

Of the three girls, Xue Liushuang had four purple soul rings, while both Weng Daimin and Kuang Zhantian had three purple rings.

Uh oh. Three of them are Soul Ancestors! They’re almost as strong as the rankers in our class.Tang Wulin exclaimed in his heart.

Is that it?

The Imperial Sun Moon Engineering Academy’s team was definitely outstanding, but they didn’t hold a candle against Wu Siduo’s team. Considering the fact that his own team defeated Wu Siduo’s, he didn’t hold any fear at all. Unfortunately for the Imperial Sun Moon Academy, they just didn’t understand what sort of monsters were in Shrek Academy. This year’s first grade class was simply terrifying.

Tang Wulin was unaware of this, but the Imperial Sun Moon Academy did investigate Shrek Academy. They knew of the five rankers in Shrek Academy’s first grade, but that was it. While they did research Tang Wulin’s group, they didn’t look any deeper when they found out none of them were rankers. With their shallow knowledge of their opponents, they felt assured of victory.

Long Chen stomped the ground and shot forward towards Tang Wulin. His second soul ring lit up and he opened his mouth wide, letting loose Dragon Roar. Light burst from his body, surging out like

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