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Chapter 479 - The Four Spirit Items

Upon obtaining his two remaining spirit items, Tang Wulin skipped merrily to his dorm, stopping by a restaurant to buy lunch on the way, the campus dining hall closed as it was. By the time he returned, the sun had just reached the middle of the sky.

His agenda was to break the next seal immediately to empower his blood essence, then visit Zhuo Shi for guidance.

With that in mind, he made his way to Yuanen Yehui’s room and knocked on her door.

“Come in.”

Tang Wulin did, catching the strangely domestic sight of Yuanen Yehui in the middle of cleaning. She was lightly dressed in a tank top and short skirt to fight off the sweltering summer heat, bent over with a washcloth, thighs exposed.

Tang Wulin felt his face catch fire, averting his eyes and stopping in place. “Shouldn’t you be a bit more cautious?”

Yuanen Yehui didn’t bother looking up. “Why should I? It’s not like you like girls.”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin could hardly utter a word.I don’t like girls?

Finally finished cleaning, Yuanen Yehui rose from her bent position. “You just got back from your trip to Heaven Dou City, right? Everything go well?” She was quick to change the subject. The image of Tang Wulin and Yue Zhengyu’s clandestine affair was still seared into her mind, the most awkward brand. It gave her goosebumps just thinking about it. But she wasn’t one to judge, the type to let others live their lives as they saw fit.

Tang Wulin cracked a bitter smile. “It went well. I nearly died, but that’s about it.”

“Huh? What happened?”

Expression slightly hardening, Tang Wulin recounted the tale of his brush with death on the train.

“An evil soul master?” Yuanen Yehui’s eyes went wide and she clenched her hands into tight fists.

“What’s with you?” Tang Wulin asked.

She shook her head, her complexion pale. “It’s nothing. Just remembered something from the past. Anyway, I’m surprised you managed to survive that.”

“Actually, I have no idea what happened at the end or how I survived. I fell unconscious at the last minute, and when I woke up, my uncle-master had already rescued me. He told me he found me unconscious, so he doesn’t know what happened either.” He brought a hand to his lips. “Maybe the evil soul master thought I was dead and left, or he sensed my uncle-master coming and didn’t have enough time to finish me off. I have no clue.”

A pause. Eventually, Yuanen Yehui spoke. “I don’t think either of those things happened. But I can’t think of any other explanations either. Were you injured?”

“I’m fine. Fit as a dragon,” Tang Wulin said, flexing his biceps with a sunny smile.

“I forgot how tough you are.” Yuanen Yehui smiled wryly, remembering his perseverance in their last battle, his refusal to give up. Like a cockroach.

“Yuanen, can I ask a favor of you?”


“I’m about to make a breakthrough and I want to go into seclusion for a few days. If you don’t have anything

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