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Chapter 460 - Dragon King Vacuum Punch

Up in the air, the glowing blue figures of Weng Daimin and Xue Liushuang fused. In their place was a two-meter-tall woman wearing a long blue dress. In her hands, an icy blue sword. A circle of light shined behind her head, illuminating her beautiful features, which were a combination of Weng Daimin and Xue Liushuang’s best physical traits. As soon as she had come to be, the temperature in the arena plummeted.

From her form emanated waves of power far stronger than that of the Skytiger. Their fusion rate was much higher.

Ice Goddess! It was the Imperial Sun Moon Academy’s true trump card.

“Starlight Burst!” Xu Xiaoyan shouted. Starlight converged into a beam that pierced through the Ice Goddess, establishing absolute control.

It dyed the body of the Ice Goddess golden. Left it frozen in the air.

Not a beat later, a brilliant star descended from the sky. It was Ye Xinglan with her third soul skill, Starfall Sword!

Such perfect coordination between Xu Xiaoyan and Ye Xinglan!

A metallic clang. Ye Xinglan bounced off the Ice Goddess, feeling as though she had flown face first into a wall. There was no moving it. At the same time, the Ice Goddess dispelled the golden starlight from her body, returning to her normal icy hue. She floated in the air just as before, not a dent in sight.

Ye Xinglan bit her lip.Their fusion rate has to be at least eighty percent! They’re at least as strong as that battle armor master we ran into the other day!

The Ice Goddess brandished her sword, sending out three beams of blue light. Spectral Sword Art! However, it had nothing in common with the version Xue Liushuang had used. Each beam possessed an incomparably sharp aura, enough to slice through bone.

The three beams each had their own target: Tang Wulin, Ye Xinglan, and Xu Xiaoyan. The three people who the Imperial Sun Moon Academy team deemed the greatest threats!

Gasps filled the stands as Xie Xie jumped in front of the beam meant for Xu Xiaoyan, shielding her with his body. He disintegrated into a cloud of dust the next second.

This was just a match, not a battle to the death!

But the spectators’ shock was unneeded. Xie Xie reappeared a short distance away, coughing up a mouthful of blood. It had been a clone that was destroyed.

The instant the Ice Goddess had appeared, Tang Wulin stuffed the bean bun he had since been carrying into his mouth, chewed, and swallowed. His strength further amplified, he brought forth the full might of Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens once more.

The phantom dragon head slammed into the Ice Goddess. A shockwave erupted. But the Ice Goddess was unharmed, a soft blue light glowing around her. At the same time, the collision sent Tang Wulin flying backward, wounds opening up all over his body and leaving a trail of blood.

Alarmed, Ye Xinglan struck again, her Stargod Sword blazing. Yet, she too was dealt with easily, blood spraying f

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