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Chapter 483 - The Unlucky Boy

Yuanen Yehui stared at Tang Wulin in shock. Golden scales covered his chest, shoulders, and right arm. He held Yuanen Yehui’s fist in his scaled hand. Although she held back at the last second, he had stopped her punch far too easily. He had grown even stronger!

Xie Xie, on the other hand, gazed at Tang Wulin in admiration. His was broad and imposing, and it instilled a sense of safety into Xie Xie.

Tang Wulin sighed. “Could you stop for now, Yuanen? Help me understand what’s happening here. How did Xie Xie offend you this time?”

“This is all your fault,” Yuanen Yehui growled. She shot a glare at Tang Wulin, and ran away.

Tang Wulin turned to Xie Xie, his golden scales fading away as he gave him a curious look. “What did you do now? Explain from the beginning. Why’s she so mad?”

“I saw something I shouldn’t have seen,” Xie Xie said with a strained smile. He explained exactly what happened without omitting a single detail.

As Xie Xie recounted the events, a nervous expression formed on Tang Wulin’s face. It seemed some blame really did lay with him. To keep her promise to guard him, Yuanen Yehui had chosen to risk washing herself in the courtyard, and Xie Xie happened to return while she was doing so.

It was actually hard to say who was at fault here. Unlike the previous incident in which Xie Xie looked into Yuanen Yehui’s room on his own, this time was just a coincidence. It wouldn’t be fair to lay all the blame on Xie Xie. All three of them shared the blame this time.

Soon after Xie Xie finished explaining things to Tang Wulin, Yuanen Yehui returned fully clothed. Her face was ashen, and her gaze was glued to Xie Xie. It held a ferocity that could tear him to pieces. This was the second time he had peeped on her. The second time! She refused to believe that was mere coincidence.I’m going to beat that bastard to death!

Xie Xie stared back at her in abject awe.

Tang Wulin had no choice but to step in to mediate. “Yuanen, I’m really sorry about what happened. It’s all my fault. This happened because you promised to guard me.” He scratched his cheek awkwardly. “Xie Xie didn’t mean to peep on you. He wanted to surprise us by returning early. He only just got here, so he barely caught a glimpse of you before you noticed him. Xie Xie, hurry up and apologize to her.”

No matter how Tang Wulin framed things, Xie Xie was still in the wrong. He had violated Yuanen Yehui’s privacy.

Xie Xie bowed deeply, his head low. “I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have returned without telling you. I barely saw anything, I promise.”

Although Xie Xie said this, Yuanen Yehui’s bare womanly charms were seared into his mind! He had been enchanted by her tempting figure bathing in the sunlight. He harbored no dark desires, he simply admired her beauty. Even after she transformed into her Titan Giant Ape form, he found her stunning.

Yuanen Yehui fought to control her ragged breathin

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