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Chapter 464 - Palace Lord

Tang Wulin’s eyes went wide.The general manager of the Shrek City Tang Sect Headquarters?

Tang Wulin was well acquainted with the hierarchy of the Tang Sect. The associate rank, which was divided into nine classes, was at the bottom. Tang Wulin, himself, was a class six associate. Once an associate reached class nine and earned enough contribution points, they could be promoted to manager. There were three levels of managers: probationary manager, outer hall manager, and inner hall manager. Tang Wulin remembered hearing that Wu Zhangkong, a two-word battle armor master, had the qualifications to be an inner hall manager. Above managers were the true executives of the Tang Sect.

The Tang Sect had various branches across the continent, each with inner and outer halls. An outer hall was typically made up of subdivisions, specifically an Agility Hall, a Defense Hall, and a Power Hall. Outer hall disciples belonged to one of the three and primarily took care of external affairs related to the Tang Sect’s corporate operations. An inner hall of the Tang Sect was composed of an Enforcement Hall, a Battle Hall, and a Holy Hall. Very few disciples were allowed into the inner court, and those that were also had their own specializations.

Only managers had the privilege of entering an inner hall. They also enjoyed a high salary as part of their position, unlike associates who were stuck working for their outer hall until they earned a promotion. Regardless of position, however, the Tang Sect did not impose strict work requirements on its disciples, especially those like Tang Wulin who were under twenty years of age. Younger disciples only had to focus on cultivating and improving themselves.

Above managers of inner halls, each branch had a branchmaster and a general manager. General managers held authority comparable to that of a Branchmaster. Beyond the various branches, however, there was the Douluo Palace, the core of the Tang Sect where all administrative power was concentrated. Only those with the highest levels of authority were allowed to enter the Douluo Palace. That meant that every hall and its subdivisions reported to those of the Douluo Palace, all of whom were equivalent to branchmasters!

Guo Xiaoxu, the man standing before Tang Wulin now, was a general manager. Normal general managers held authority on par with that of an outer branchmaster, but this man was the general manager of the headquarters in Shrek City! Although Tang Wulin didn’t know exactly how much authority Guo Xiaoxu possessed, he could safely assume that the man wielded quite a bit.

“Hello, General Manager Guo.” Tang Wulin bowed in respect.

Guo Xiaoxu smiled. “You really are a smart kid. I watched your match with the Imperial Sun Moon Academy. It was a great performance. You did well. You kids weren’t just representing Shrek Academy, the five of you are Tang Sect disciples! To encourage you to keep working hard, the Doul

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