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Chapter 573 - Master, You're Killing Me Here

The cruise from Douluo to Star Luo was set to take about two months, and that was at speeds only possible with the latest government-researched technologies.

The curtain of night fell and Tang Wulin prepared himself for the trial that was to come by meditating. With a belly full of food and having already experienced numerous brushes with death, he had nerves of steel. Since he couldn’t escape from these trials, he could only face them directly.

“Today is the forty-ninth day,” Mu Ye said, rousing Tang Wulin from his meditative state.

Tang Wulin remembered that the first stage of this cultivation method would take forty-nine days total. And now the end was in sight. The forty-nine days had gone by in a flash, an insignificant amount of time compared to the ten years he had spent cultivating prior. However, in this short period, he had struggled on the precipice of life and death daily, and each day had seemed to drag on for an eternity.

Throughout these crises, Tang Wulin had grown thinner and leaner and sensed the strength building within him. His potential had constantly been dragged out from the depths of his core. The cycle of daily brushes with death and highly nutritious food the next day roused explosive growth. After these forty-nine days, it were as if he had reborn into a different person. Whenever he peered into himself, his bones, muscles, and organs would shine with a golden light. Furthermore, recalling Old Tang's words, he didn't need to take medicine to break the fifth seal anymore. His body was sturdy enough to withstand the tyrannical energy. He could smash open the seal whenever he wanted.

The mere thought of saving money filled Tang Wulin’s heart with motivation. But he didn’t plan on tackling the fifth seal just yet. Once he did, he would have to begin preparing for the sixth immediately after. It was better to milk as much time as he could from these circumstances.

Old Tang had appeared on the tenth day of the forty-nine day ordeal, assuring Tang Wulin that this extreme training was undoubtedly beneficial to him. That he had to persevere until the end. Since Old Tang pushed him to endure, Tang Wulin could only grit his teeth and push on.

On the eve of the forty-ninth trial, Tang Wulin’s soul power was highly condensed and at the peak of rank 39. Since the last rank before every new soul ring was the hardest, this was astounding growth in such a short span of time.

Tang Wulin balled his hands into tight fists.It’s finally here! The last trial!

“In a sense, today is a major milestone for you. But the time it takes to succeed in the first stage of training isn’t strictly forty-nine days. That number is just the average. If your martial soul reawakens today, then that’s proof that you have the potential to become one of the elites of the Body Sect. If not, we’ll need to start another cycle of forty-nine days, and we’ll continue to do so until

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