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Chapter 583 - Mu Ye's Battle

Everyone on this diplomatic voyage was a renowned expert in their craft. On Douluo, many of those who stood at the peak of their craft were also powerful soul masters. This was thanks to the improvements in their physique and spiritual power.

Tang Wulin and his companions took charge of defending a section of the ship. Although they only had four soul rings each, they were students from Shrek Academy, every one of them equipped with a couple pieces of battle armor!

“Captain, when did you hit four rings? And why is your martial soul is so big now?” Xu Lizhi asked as he stuffed buns into Tang Wulin’s mouth.

The difference between Tang Wulin’s present and past bluesilver grass was truly night and day! Each strand was now a thick vine thrashing about like a miniature dragon, seemingly with minds of their own. Their range stretched far and wide, each strand whipping about in a frenzy. WIth his evolved martial soul, he managed to intercept the most attacks out of anyone in his team.  

Tang Wulin grinned. “Of course my martial soul changed with my fourth soul ring. My new soul skill is called Bluesilver Overlord Transformation. Isn’t it cool?”

“Cool! It’s super cool!” Xu Lizhi exclaimed. But he was more astonished by the endless pit that was Tang Wulin’s stomach. He couldn’t help but admire his captain more and more with each bun devoured.

Meanwhile, Elder Cai and the Great Beast from the ocean’s depths were locked in a vicious battle.

The most fearsome aspect of ocean soul beasts was their ability to manipulate the ocean to their wills. At the hundred-thousand-year level, they could raise tsunamis with a mere tremble. Thus, it was the top priority of Elder Cai and the other Titled Douluos to restrain the hundred-thousand-year soul beasts first. That way, the ships wouldn’t capsize in the midst of a turbulent ocean.

Fortunately, the members of both delegations were strong. Even the cultured and refined politicians entered their high-grade mechas and joined the fray.

Maneuvering to stay near each other, the two ships unleashed blast after blast of soul cannon shots at the swarming beasts.

Further away, a boom thundered through the sky, a storm of energy raging from the epicenter. The resplendent moon hanging above transformed into a giant blade, severing one of the kraken beast’s tentacles and leaving a spatial tear behind. The giant tentacle fell into the sea with a tremendous splash, sending a large rolling wave toward the ships.

Elder Cai’s figure was enveloped in blinding silver radiance. However, she was in a tough situation, complexion pale and expression grim. She had succeeded in cutting off one of her opponent’s tentacles, but much of her energy was exhausted.

Although Elder Cai didn’t fear Great Beasts at her cultivation level, it was a different story out in the open ocean. Out in her opponent’s home field.

Countless blue specks emerged from the ocean and ro

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