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Chapter 585 - Second Phase of Training

As Tang Wulin began forging and continued to examine the changes in his body, he discovered something interesting: there were things he could only do when he kept his soul power and blood essence separate. For example, any ability founded upon his Golden Dragon King bloodline could only be fueled by his blood essence. Even as he forged, he focused on the function of his body, for knowing the changes within him was essential.

At nightfall, Tang Wulin dragged his exhausted body over to eat dinner, then returned to his cabin. He collapsed onto his bed. Sprawled on the mattress, entire body relaxed and comfortable.

Tang Wulin had always spared no effort when it came to cultivating and improving himself, ceaselessly pursuing strength to make up for his inadequacy. His eyes were always pointed upward, at those who towered above him. And ahead, at the backs of his companions as he chased after their footsteps. Whenever he finally had a moment to catch his breath and look back, he would discover that his efforts had not been in vain. He had made swift progress since he first became a soul master. Compared to who he had been when his old companions, Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi were still around, he was a completely different person. He only just realized that he was closer than ever in qualifying for Shrek Academy's inner court. Not only that, but he was now both an agent of the Tang Sect’s Battle Hall and a disciple of the master of the Body Sect.

Wow. The world is really amazing.Tang Wulin sighed in satisfaction, joy filling his heart.

Everyone’s happiness was different. Some believed that contentment was happiness. Others believed the answer was peace. As Tang Wulin matured, however, he realized that neither of these two were his brand of happiness. His came from strength, the endless pursuit of strength and continuously reaching new heights.

Tang Wulin still remembered what his father told him in his childhood. Contentment could bring someone happiness for their entire life. But that was for a low caliber person. People needed greed to motivate them, to drive them forward and diligently work toward growth. Success was ninety-nine percent talent and one percent effort. While talent would bring opportunity, success was impossible without that one percent of effort.

The words of his father resonated with him. It was those words that aroused his greed and ambition, his drive to always pursue greater and greater achievements. He was not content with merely Douluo. No! He aimed for the stars!

A bang jolted Tang Wulin out of his reverie, and he immediately rolled off his bed and onto his feet. He turned to see the balcony door wide open, Mu Ye casually leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets.

“Looks like you didn’t get complacent. Good.” Mu Ye nodded.

Tang Wulin stared blankly at Mu Ye, memories of his teacher’s grand battle against the Great Beast still fresh in

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