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Chapter 568 - Death's Door

If there was one thing Tang Wulin was confident in, it was the might of his Golden Dragon Dreadclaw. Empowered by his blood essence, the ability of the soul bone was undoubtedly the strongest attack in his arsenal. The instant he unleashed it, all the energy his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body stored up, as well as a third of his blood essence. He was confident that this attack would pose a threat to even a five-ringed Soul King.

But to his shock, his attacker showed no intent to evade.

The five dark-gold blades of energy crashed into the man and instantly shattered into oblivion. The man’s body, which shone dark gold like a temple, was untouched. Before Tang Wulin could react, the man grabbed him by the throat. This time, he suppressed all of Tang Wulin’s soul power and blood essence.

Tang Wulin’s eyes quivered as he stared at the man through the dark waters.He’s fine! Completely unscathed! Even against my fully-powered dreadclaw!

Both Tang Wulin’s mind and body were numb. He knew there was no hope for him. This man was not an existence he could even grovel at the feet of.

As the sea’s crushing pressure grew stronger and stronger, Tang Wulin’s internal organs quickly sustained damage, a process that was only intensified by his outburst of power. A warm haze enveloped his mind. His consciousness began to fade. Scales still covered the right side of his torso. His blood essence struggled to keep him alive. However, it was being thoroughly suppressed by the man’s grip.

A bitter smile traced its way on Tang Wulin’s mouth.It’s over, huh? I never thought I’d die in the sea like this. Maybe I’ll become dinner for some marine soul beast. Just some more nutrients for the sea.

Tang Wulin’s vision faded to black. He couldn’t even see the golden man right in front of him. The tension drained from his limbs and began to float freely. He saw a tunnel shrouded in darkness before him.

A tempting voice called to him from beyond it.

However, right before he could cross the threshold, the pressure around his neck disappeared. In his eleventh hour, Tang Wulin’s blood essence roared to life. His body burst with power, his blood essence flowed in reverse, and the fog in his mind cleared up.

Tang Wulin blinked, eyes flickering as his vision return to normal. He groggily scanned the water and managed to catch sight of his attacker jetting up to the surface. He, himself, continued to sink.

Tang Wulin was sorely in need of oxygen, but adrenaline was pumping through him now.He bit his tongue, using the sharp pain to clear away the last of the cloudiness in his mind.Did he think I was dead? If he really thinks I’m dead, then this is my chance!

Tang Wulin didn’t immediately swim for the surface. Instead he waved his arms in circles to stop his descent and steady himself in the water. He had to wait for his attacker to go farther away before he acted. He couldn’t his attacker discovering him and retur

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