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Chapter 570 - Supplements

“Looks like I was wrong to judge a book by its cover!” Xu Lizhi exclaimed, wiggling his eyebrows. Then with an incantation, he conjured some pork buns for Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin devoured them in a few bites. He stuck his hand out again for more. This scene repeated until they reached the dining hall on the third floor, and by then Tang Wulin had eaten nearly twenty buns.

The effect of the Recovery Pork Buns was incredible. Tang Wulin no longer felt fatigued, a hint of color finally on his cheeks.

The dining hall on the ship stretched far and wide, a necessity to accommodate over a thousand passengers eating at once. Every sort of cuisine was available, more than the slim selection offered at the banquet. Cold dishes, congee, eggs cooked in every way, and numerous seafood dishes were arranged along the tables.

Tang Wulin’s friends made a choice not to sit at the same table as him. They’d learned from the past.

It was still early in the morning, so only a third of the tables were currently filled. After finding a table in the corner, Tang Wulin immediately grabbed six eggs off a platter and stuffed them in his mouth. A moment later, he heard a rustle at his side. Turning, he saw Lin Yuhan.

“Wulin? What are you doing here all alone?” Lin Yuhan glanced at the group of Shrek Academy students sitting at the next table, her gaze lingering on Gu Yue especially long before returning to Tang Wulin.

He grunted in acknowledgment of her. But he was too focused on eating to give a full reply. Without the slightest pause, he continued gorging himself.

At the neighboring table, Xu Xiaoyan nudged Gu Yue. “Big Sis Yue, look,” she said, signaling with her eyes toward their captain.

Naturally, Gu Yue saw Lin Yuhan talking to Tang Wulin as well. However, she simply revealed an amused smile. Watched them without interfering.

Ten minutes later, horror colored Lin Yuhan’s face, her mouth hanging open. “Y-you sure can eat a lot.” She couldn’t help but stare as Tang Wulin inhaled food like a vacuum. His table manners left much to be desired as he wolfed down plate after plate of food. In a couple of minutes, he already finished two-thirds of the food on the table.

But that didn’t mean he would ignore her. Ever the gentleman, Tang Wulin grunted again in response, though not bothering to utter a single word as he continued stuffing his face. He found that the more food he consumed, the quicker he regained his strength. Sure enough, the best way to recover his blood essence was with food! Unfortunately for him, the food on the ship wasn’t the most nutritious. About average if anything.

Lin Yuhan swallowed nervously. “I-I’ll go and eat now too!” Seeing that Tang Wulin wasn’t paying attention to her, and shocked by the full extent of his gluttony, she quickly retreated.

“Was she scared off?” Xu Xiaoyan asked, finally beginning to understand why Gu Yue hadn’t bothered to lift a finger. A Tang W

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