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Chapter 572 - 49 Days

Finally breaching the water’s surface, Tang Wulin felt as if his limbs were made of lead. Even breathing properly proved difficult. He floated belly up upon the sea, face as pale as a ghost.

Mu Ye walked over to Tang Wulin’s side. Stuck a pipe down Tang Wulin’s throat to help him breathe.

If one were to peek into Tang Wulin’s mind in that moment, they would scarcely find a thing. Other than the fact that he knew he survived, that was. After what seemed like an eternity, his vision faded to darkness.

Eventually, breathing no longer seemed like an arduous task for Tang Wulin, and the darkness clouding his vision crept away. Toward the sky he stared, eyes unfocused and misty. The freckled night above was unmarred by clouds. The sea reflected the stellar grandeur upon its gently churning surface.

As shadows once again brushed the edges of his vision, Tang Wulin came to a realization.Uncle Ye wasn’t really trying to kill me.Before he could contemplate any further, he lost consciousness.

The next morning, Tang Wulin woke up exhausted and sore again. Like he had been tied up and dragged through the streets by a car.

His day took a turn for the better unbeknown to him, however, with Mu Ye delivering a dark purple lobster dish to his cabin. Even the meat was purple, albeit of a lighter sort. Truly bizarre.

“Are you trying to kill me?” Tang Wulin asked in dejection.

A hint of a smile tugged at the corner of Mu Ye’s mouth. “There is no achievement without trials and tribulations. Soon enough, you’ll know that it was worth it to endure this pain.”

Tang Wulin smiled meekly. “But uncle, I really can’t join your Body Sect!”

Mu Ye’s expression stiffened upon those words. Forming a blade with his hand, he chopped Tang Wulin on the head. “You stinkin’ kid. Are you trying to make me angry? We’ll sort out that stuff once we get back and you can go ask the Tang Sect for permission. For now, though, you’re going to learn under me. Even if you don’t join the Body Sect, you can still take me as your Master, can’t you?”

Tang Wulin immediately bowed. “Master!”

Mu Ye smiled. “Good. Now hurry up and eat this amethyst lobster. Then go meditate. Don’t bother sleeping. Meditating is more efficient and you’ll be able to feel the changes within your body.” After leaving these words, Mu Ye left without mentioning any particular cultivation methods.

Tang Wulin quickly devoured the amethyst lobster for breakfast and recovered much of his strength. Compared to the tuna from the day before, the lobster brought a refreshing cool to his body instead of a fervent heat. And he felt light as a feather.

Following breakfast, Tang Wulin holed up in his room and focused on cultivating. It was his first time meditating since the beginning of his nightly ordeals. Perhaps due to the amethyst lobster’s potent meat, he quickly entered a deep meditative state.

To Tang Wulin’s surprise, he discovered that

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