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Chapter 557 - Silent Parents

Wry smiles formed on the faces of everyone at the table as they watched Tang Wulin and Xu Lizhi pile up dish after dish. The two were eating even more than usual!

The owner of the restaurant walked over and exclaimed, “You two sure know how to eat! You cleaned me of all my stock!” Although Tang Wulin had grown a lot and it had been a few years since the restaurant owner had last seen him, the owner still recognized him by his gluttony.

“Eh… I’m only, like, eighty percent full,” Tang Wulin said, patting his stomach.

Xu Lizhi looked up from his food, then wiped his mouth with a napkin Ye Xinglan had passed him. “I was actually full a long time ago, but I wanted to see how great the difference was between us.”

Tang Wulin pouted. “Aren’t you just wasting food then? You should have just let me eat some more.”

“Here’s the bill,” the owner said to Wu Zhangkong, the sole adult at the table apart from Cai Yue’er, who looked no more than a frail elder. “It’s 16,430 credits in total, but I’ll give you a discount and charge you 16,000 credits.”

Wu Zhangkong glanced at Tang Wulin, who raised his head to the heavens and stared at the ceiling with so much interest it seemed like he could see through to the clear skies outside.

“Give it to me,” Wu Zhangkong said, then paid the bill.

Tang Wulin shot to his feet and cheered. “Teacher Wu, you’re the best! But I said I was going to pay for dinner. You should have at least let me pay half.”

“Don’t push your luck.” Wu Zhangkong shot a cold look at Tang Wulin.

“No way!” Tang Wulin blurted.

“Let’s get going,” Elder Cai said, rising to her feet and making her way towards the exit. She had agreed for them to eat here because of Tang Wulin’s repeated requests, but as a Titled Douluo a single bowl of rice was enough to sustain herself.

The Federation had designated the Grand Skysea Hotel as the meeting point for the party. They were to rendezvous with the Star Luo delegation there, then board a ship and embark on their exchange trip.

The Star Luo delegation had come on a single ship, but two ships were scheduled to depart. This was because the Federation decided to send a ship of their own to tag along. That way, it would be easy for their exchange group to return after the year was up.

Soon, Tang Wulin’s party arrived at the Grand Skysea Hotel. The hotel was a place of prestige and luxury, a hub for the most illustrious businessmen to handle both pleasure and business.

Wu Zhangkong led the way in and handled the check-in procedures. Anyone from Shrek Academy was considered a VIP throughout the continent, so they were swiftly handed their room cards shown to their rooms. Wu Zhangkong and Elder Cai both had a room to themselves. The other rooms accommodated two people each. Tang Wulin roomed with Xie Xie, Xu Lizhi with Yue Zhengyu, Gu Yue with Xu Xiaoyan, and Yuanen Yehui with Ye Xinglan.

“After you’ve rested and settled in, yo

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