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Chapter 574 - Great White Demon Sharks

Tang Wulin sucked in a deep breath to calm himself, to calm the heart threatening to pound through his chest. Then he unleashed a swarm of bluesilver grass around him. A tangle of grass with a ten-meter radius. His bluesilver grass could mask his scent, so he might just be able to avoid the sharks’ notice.

Sure enough, as the first shark approached within seven meters from Tang Wulin, it failed to detect him. Now that one of the sharks was so close, he clearly saw the immense size. Each one measured about seven meters in length, their pure white bodies filled with raw power. They raced through the water with such speed that they must have been at least of the thousand-year level.

In the ocean, great white demon sharks were nearly at the top of the food chain. Not counting the strongest, most reclusive beasts of the deep waters, the great white demon sharks could be considered the lord of the oceans.

After the first shark arrived, the others soon followed.

Tang Wulin let out a light sigh. He did his best to regulate the roaring energies within him and suppress them. He had to avoid notice at all costs.

Just because he found a way to escape the sharks’ detection didn’t mean he was safe. Mu Ye wouldn’t let him off as easily as this. Indeed, before Tang Wulin could plan any further, Mu Ye flew over to him, hovering right above.

“Get ready,” Mu Ye said.

Tang Wulin glanced up in time to see Mu Ye uncorking a bottle and pouring its contents into the ocean around him. It was red. Red liquid. It was blood.


Tang Wulin shrieked. He exerted all of his strength through his arms to whip the grass around him and send himself flying into the air. Underneath him, giant jaws crashed and ripped at where he had just been. The waters erupted into a frenzy as the sharks thrashed about, hunting for the source of the blood.

Mid-air, Tang Wulin felt unadulterated horror as Mu Ye dumped another bottle of blood over him, soaking him from head to toe.He really wants me to die!

Whenever Tang Wulin encountered a crisis, his mind always sharpened. In this situation, he did not waste his time complaining to Mu Ye for he understood the kind of man Mu Ye was. No matter how much he cried out, Mu Ye would uphold his vow and not intervene.

As he fell, Tang Wulin tore off his blood-soaked clothes, leaving only his underwear to preserve his decency. But there was still blood in his hair and on his face. Before he touched the water’s surface, he had balled up his bloody jacket and pants and threw them far away in opposite directions. Then he shot out his bluesilver grass in Mu Ye’s direction. He no longer gave a damn what he had to do to survive.

Taken aback by Tang Wulin targeting of him, Mu Ye gave an approving nod. But he wouldn’t let Tang Wulin off that easily. He evaded the bluesilver grass in a flicker of motion then repositioned himself high in the sky. In solemn silence, he

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