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Chapter 576 - Ten-thousand-year Soul Ring

The ten-thousand-year great white demon shark’s massive body fell into the water with a giant splash and thrashed about, creating numerous powerful waves that killed several nearby sharks. Bewildered, the other sharks retreated as they watched their leader’s frenzy.

At that moment, blood sprayed into the air. A claw burst from the back of the great white demon shark leader, ripping through bones and muscle like nothing. black ring rose from its body. It was a ten-thousand-year soul ring! Such a ring was extremely rare in the modern era and signified the death of the ten-thousand-year great white demon shark!

Tang Wulin was undoubtedly no match against a ten-thousand-year great white demon shark in a direct confrontation. Knowing this, he understood that his chances of victory were slim. In order to kill the ten-thousand-year great white demon shark, he had to use unconventional methods and he only had one shot!

Although the great white demon shark’s attack did put Tang Wulin in a dangerous situation, he was able to mitigate most of the impact by relying on Golden Dragon Body and his gauntlet. It had only been a probing attack from the shark after all.

It was Tang Wulin’s plan all along to have the ten-thousand-year great white demon shark chase after him and try to swallow him whole.

He defended against the shark’s powerful jaws with Golden Dragon Tyrant Body, which also filled his body with strength. Although Golden Dragon Tyrant Body was weaker in the ocean against enemies that used ranged attacks, it still granted him domineering power in close quarters. So he had bet on that power to destroy the shark from within.

And Tang Wulin won his bet!

By showing weakness, he baited the ten-thousand-year great white demon shark into a situation perfect for a reversal!

With both a body of steel and Golden Dragon Tyrant body, Tang Wulin’s defensive strength soared and enabled him to endure the bite of the ten-thousand-year great white demon shark. Then from within, he directed all of the energy he absorbed into his claw and unleashed a magnificent Golden Dragon Dreadclaw down the shark’s throat. The innards of a beast were always a weak point and the ten-thousand-year great white demon shark was no exception.

Tang Wulin ripped his way out of the shark’s body, blood seeping into the water around him. As the dead body of the shark began its slow descent into the dark depths of the ocean, he raised his head to the heavens and roaring his victory!

Mu Ye watched in shock. He never imagined this outcome.That kid planned this all! He actually killed one of the kings of the sea, a ten-thousand-year great white demon shark!

However, pain stabbed his body, twisting its daggers especially hard where the shark had bit him. While Golden Dragon Tyrant Body had mitigated most of the damage, it still felt like his bones were broken.

But none of that mattered. He survived. His

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