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Chapter 580 - Vengeance!

As Tang Wulin and his friends gawked at Mu Ye’s sudden arrival, Mu Ye said, “The ocean is very dangerous right now. A powerful ocean soul beast is attacking. Stay here and don’t move.”

A shiver ran down Tang Wulin’s spine. Mu Ye was a body cultivator, divine-grade mecha pilot, and rank 94 Titled Douluo. Seeing how he was acting, Tang Wulin could only imagine how terrifying the attacking soul beast was!

“Teacher, what’s attacking us?” Tang Wulin asked, surprising everyone since they all knew this wasn’t the time for questions.

Mu Ye furrowed his brow. “It looks like a shiver of great white demon sharks, a very large one made up of ten smaller packs. Each pack is led by a ten-thousand-year shark. One of the sharks in the shiver is even bigger than those ten-thousand-year sharks.”

Tang Wulin’s heart thumped anxiously. He met Mu Ye’s eyes and saw his master’s cheek twitch. Even without being told explicitly, Tang Wulin understood that this attack had something to do with his training the previous night.

Mu Ye waved a hand and a white porcelain jar appeared. Handing the jar to Tang Wulin, he said, “Eat this.”

Tang Wulin opened the jar and a fishy smell instantly assaulted his nose. He peered in and saw some tawny oil. “This is…?”

“It’s oil from the head of a ten-thousand-year great white demon shark. It’s a good supplement packed full of nutrients.”

What the hell?Tang Wulin averted his gaze and coughed.Well, this is pretty nice. Teacher is giving me supplements now.

Without another thought, Tang Wulin raised the jar to his lips and chugged all of the shark oil. It tasted just as fishy as it smelled, but the moment it entered his belly, it filled his body with warmth and brought clarity to his mind. The tension eased from his shoulders as a relaxing, comfortable feeling enveloped him.

While the students watched Tang Wulin chugging oil, Mu Ye muttered to himself, “I never thought there would be such a gigantic and powerful pack of soul beasts in the ocean. The one that shot the stream of water earlier has to be an abyssal demon whale. Judging from that attack, it’s at least at the ten-thousand-year level. An Abyssal Demon Whale King versus a Great White Demon Shark King. What a mighty showdown!”

After finishing the oil, Tang Wulin turned his mind back to the problem at hand. Now he was certain that the attacking soul beasts were related to them, but he couldn’t understand why Mu Ye acted as if they had nothing to do with them. In fact, Mu Ye seemed to be delighted by the situation.

Before Tang Wulin could voice his concern, he saw several figures flying out from the ships. Three from theirs, and two from the other. The five people hovered in the air, waves of valiant might rolling off of them. Tang Wulin’s eyes went wide as he recognized one of them. It was the Silver Moon Douluo, Cai Yue’er!

A chilly breeze swept in through the balcony door, and Wu Zhangkong floated down

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