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Chapter 584 - Mu Ye's Strength

Tang Wulin stared across the expanse of ice covering the ocean’s surface, his shining gaze focusing on Mu Ye’s magnificent figure. This was his first time beholding Mu Ye’s might.

Tang Wulin had originally thought that Mu Ye was no match for Elder Cai since he wasn’t a Hyper Douluo, but that was clearly not the case. Even without his divine-grade mecha, his strength was overwhelming. Now equipped with his dark gold battle armor, Mu Ye seemed like a god who had descended from the heavens. Each attack brought heaven and earth into a tremble, pushing back the Great Beast little by little.

“I don’t need any more soul rings or a soul bone, and you have reached your current level after painstaking efforts. So get out of here. If you want revenge, then come find me when you’re stronger,” Mu Ye said in disdain.

The kraken-like Great Beast roared. “Humans, you really think you can do whatever you please?” Infuriated, the giant kraken’s tentacles dove into the water and a torrent of blue energy surged from the depths of the oceans, through the tentacles and into the rest of its body. An olive shimmer covered its body, and its body swelled with even more strength.

“If you want to die that badly, then I’ll gladly lend a hand. You’ll serve as a good present for my disciple,” Mu Ye said, gaze sharpening as he raised his right hand to the heavens.

A red streak tore through the sky, stopping right before Mu Ye. The gazes of countless spectators quivered at the sight, at the newly-arrived red mecha that stood six meters tall. It immediately transformed into a gigantic blade, red as blood. Mu Ye’s towering figure shrank until he was about ten meters tall, then he gripped the blade in his right hand, crimson radiance blossoming upon it.

“It’s a divine-grade mecha!” the onlookers exclaimed.

Tang Wulin hadn’t expected Mu Ye to use his mecha as a weapon instead of external armor.

The giant kraken snarled as it waved its tentacles, expelling a mass of inky fog, concealing its body in the murk.

Mu Ye maintained his position in the air and didn’t move to chase after the Great Beast.

Meanwhile, the swarming soul beasts dove into the water and retreated in a hurry. Once the inky fog dispersed, there were no beasts in sight.

With a flick of his hand, the crimson blade in Mu Ye’s hand returned to its mecha form, disappearing into his spatial storage device. Then he shrank back to his normal size, unequipped his battle armor, and was back in his spotless and white chef’s outfit.

Just when quiet returned to the ocean, the people watching from the two ships erupted into cheers. While everyone stared at Mu Ye in reverence, his form flickered. And he was gone.

Tang Wulin stood dumbstruck upon the ice. He was awed by the scale of battle between these existences who stood at the peak of the world. His awe was shared by his other companions from Shrek Academy as well. Only now did they realize h

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