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Chapter 578 - Evolution!

Although Mu Ye was uncertain if the soul ring of the ten-thousand-year great white demon shark suited Tang Wulin, he didn’t dare intervene now. It was a natural ten-thousand-year soul ring, after all! It would not burden Tang Wulin’s spiritual power, unlike artificial soul rings. Furthermore, Tang Wulin had slain this beast himself and it was best for him to absorb its energies.

The black soul ring flew over to Tang Wulin, gently descending upon his head.

Tang Wulin possessed spiritual power at the Spirit Sea realm and a mighty body. Considering this and his unyielding nature of spiritual power, Mu Ye was wholly confident in his ability to absorb a ten-thousand-year soul ring. Especially since Tang Wulin had undergone his second awakening.

Obtaining this ring as his fourth would be quite the achievement and lay a solid foundation for the future. And because great white demon sharks were powerful beings, their soul rings could be very beneficial. The only question was how compatible its ring would be with his martial soul.

That Tang Wulin could experience this second awakening after forty-nine days of hardships was a testament to his tenacity. Even the previous master of the Body Sect had only endured until the twenty-eighth day before reawakening. Since the torment of the devilish training increased exponentially with each day, it was clear how much potential hid within Tang Wulin and how unyielding his will was.

To Mu Ye’s astonishment, Tang Wulin’s spirits would always recover after a satisfying meal, even if he had previously endured torturous training enough make even those with an iron will wish for death. Unlike ordinary people, who would grow dispirited as the days dragged on, Tang Wulin found his stride after a shaky start, his bravery increasing by the day. He even seemed to enjoy the challenge by the end and showed no signs of resentment toward the training.

Tang Wulin’s body was truly amazing. Although he was fueled by heavenly treasures, his body had to be strong enough to digest those treasures for that to matter anyway.

The black soul ring finally touched Tang Wulin’s head, pride painting Mu Ye’s face as this happened. The fusion process began.

Suddenly, a roar thundered out from the depths of Tang Wulin’s being. From his forehead came a small figure, dashing out to intercept the black soul ring.

What’s going on?Mu Ye’s eyes went wide in bewilderment. A phantom draconic beast about the size of Tang Wulin’s head, its legs thick and its tail long. No matter how he looked at it, it was a Tyrant Dragon out of the ancient legends!

Mu Ye knew full well that Tang Wulin’s first spirit soul, Goldsong, was originally a defective spirit soul painstakingly raised to the thousand-year level. There was no way this was Goldsong. Before Mu Ye could digest what he was seeing, the phantom Tyrant Dragon spread its mouth wide, leaping to engulf the black soul ring, chewing a few tim

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