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Chapter 558 - Another Encounter with Lin Yuhan

The Star Luo delegation easily numbered over a thousand people, all of which were elites in their various professions. The Federation’s delegation nearly matched them in number, so despite how large the hotel lobby was, it was bursting to the brim with people.

The Shrek Academy group waited silently in the corner as the official in charge of the Douluo delegation came to pay his respects to Elder Cai. She maintained her cold demeanor, telling him in as few words as possible that the Shrek Academy group was ready to set off.

As Tang Wulin quietly observed the Star Luo delegation, he was surprised to find no obvious differences between the people from his continent and theirs. Apart from the Star Luo delegation’s more traditional attire, of course, but even that wasn’t terribly conservative either. And it went without saying that both sides did not lack powerful people.

Tang Wulin’s eyes lit up when he saw a familiar figure, and as if feeling his gaze, that person turned to look back at him. It was Lin Yuhan. She stared blankly at him for a moment before her eyes widened in surprise and she waved to him. He flashed a smile and acknowledged her with a nod.

From the corner of his eye, Tang Wulin saw Yue Zhengyu smirk and puff out his chest. “Look, that girl just waved at me. As expected, this is a world ruled by looks. I just can’t help it,” he said, flipping his long golden hair out of his face to reveal his dashing smile.

Xie Xie rolled his eyes. “Just how arrogant can you be?”

“An ordinary person like you wouldn’t understand what it’s like living with a handsome face,” Yue Zhengyu said, shrugging. “Look, she’s coming over. Oh? She’s pretty cute. Seems like this trip to Star Luo might be fun after all. I’ll be able to experience romance in a foreign land,” he said, a smile forming on his lips as he stood up, straightened out his clothes, and strode over to greet the girl.

Yue Zhengyu was sixteen years old and one of the workings students along with Yuanen Yehui. He looked mature and handsome, and perhaps due to the influence of his Holy Angel martial soul, his aura shone bright. Looking at him was like looking at the sun. In terms of appearance, the only person in their team that surpassed him was Tang Wulin.

“Hi,” Yue Zhengyu said to Lin Yuhan, the smile on his face taking on a more gentle shade.

Lin Yuhan looked at him, eyes narrowed. “Who are you again?”

Lin Yuhan brushed right past the frozen-in-place Yue Zhengyu to Tang Wulin. “Hi. I didn’t expect to see you here. What a coincidence, huh?” she said, a rosy blush on her cheeks.

Tang Wulin smiled. “Not a coincidence. My friends and I are part of the Douluo delegation going to Star Luo on an exchange trip.”

Yue Zhengyu gaped at the two. He realized that the cute girl he saw hadn’t been waving at him, but Tang Wulin!

With a few quick steps Xie Xie was right next Yue Zhengyu. He patted him on th

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