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Chapter 530 - Blood Servant

Shock and numbness spread deep into Tang Wulin’s core, knowing he had been captured for the sole purpose of luring out his uncle-master. He cast a quick glance at the evilsoul master before carefully reaching into his back pocket and pulling out his soul communicator. He grasped it hard in his palm and carefully looked at the evilsoul master again. Then he took a deep breath in, steeling himself to do what needed to be done. Tang Wulin threw the soul communicator at the ground, smashing it to pieces!

A hand struck out like lightning, a loud smack reverberating throughout the air. Tang Wulin went flying backward and crashed into a tree. On his left cheek spanned an ugly red handprint.

The sudden force took his breath away, leaving him dizzy and disoriented. But he had no regrets. He refused to make the call. To put his uncle-master in danger. And now that his only form of reaching Zhen Hua had been smashed by his own hands, he and Gu Yue were completely expendable.

During moments of crisis, Tang Wulin’s thinking was always quick and clear. However, this time was an exception, courtesy of the beatdown he had just received. The world still spun around him, too fuzzy for him to make out. He tried to stand up, legs heavy as lead. After several attempts, he gave up, slumping to the ground.

Under the mask, the evilsoul master’s ashen eyes bled completely scarlet. In a blur of movement, they arrived in front of Tang Wulin. They squatted down, and with a finger, wiped a bit of blood trickling from the corner of his lips. Lifting their mask, the evilsoul master revealed a sculpted chin and strangely bright lips. A woman. She brought her bloody finger to her lips and sucked it clean. She shuddered, pupils shrinking into needles. The woman rose to her feet, staggering backward a few steps as she stared at Tang Wulin.

“How is this possible? A kid like you has such pure blood and powerful blood essence. Good. Very good. You’re a virgin too. Hehe. Who cares about Zhen Hua when I can suck your blood. I’ll be able to recover and not suffer from that damn blood sea soul refinement anymore. Hehe! Yes, I’ll drink you dry.”

A hysterical cackle filled the air. She grabbed Tang Wulin by the arm and pulled him up from the ground. “Kid, I bet you didn’t expect this. You tried so hard to protect Zhen Hua yet you revealed your blood’s secret. Don’t worry. I won’t kill you. I’ll just use you like cattle. With how powerful your blood essence is, you’ll survive even if I have a drink every now and then. You’ve got a good build too. Excellent. I never thought my luck would be this good.” She smiled, revealing two sharp fangs.

Tang Wulin struggled to break free. But a chill embraced him, draining him of his energy. No matter how strong his blood essence was, he couldn’t fight off this chill.

The woman licked her fangs like a predator about to feast on its prey. As she moved closer and closer to him, he could make

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