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Chapter 541 - Torrent of Sword Intent

The conflagration spit out by the skull was Mo Jue’s second soul skill, Dark Demon Flames! The flames burned away at both body and spirit and it was exceptionally potent for a mere second soul skill. Furthermore, it possessed corrosive and adhesive properties. Anyone misfortunate enough to be slathered in it wouldn’t be able to shake it off and have their flesh burned away to the bone.

Ye Xinglan faced the flames with serenity. Her eyes held not the flames nor Mo Jue. Her sword was her world, her world of shining stars. It looked as if her pupils had turned into vertical slits, but that was just the form of her sword reflected in her eyes.

Brandishing her sword, Ye Xinglan unleashed Sword God’s Star. Motes of resplendent starlight surged forth, piercing through the demonic flames to strike the skull.

A small crack formed on the skull, then it scattered into embers. But those embers gathered into a stream and shot toward Ye Xinglan. Yet a meter away from reaching her, they parted to the sides, as if cut apart by an invisible blade.

Ye Xinglan’s sword intent charged the heavens! Slashing out with her sword, she weaved countless sword beams into a giant net flying toward Mo Jue.

Mo Jue threw up her hands to summon a defense of murky darkness, but it was all cut to tatters by the sword beams.

What the hell!Many of the audience members swallowed their spit, wetting their throats that had dried from hanging mouths. Prior to the start of the match, they had assumed this would be a sure victory for Mo Jue. Yet in the opening moments, Mo Jue was already pressed into the defensive. Her mighty Black Swan soul skills were nothing before this unknown Ye Xinglan girl. They couldn’t believe it. A girl from the first grade was gaining ground on Mo Jue, a five-ringed Soul King and a pillar of the third grade!

Such a situation couldn’t be because of a difference in the quality of martial souls. The Black Swan was a top-tier darkness-attribute martial soul after all. Even if the Stargod Sword was powerful, it couldn’t suppress the Black Swan. No, the difference was due to something else entirely. It was a fundamental gap in their comprehension of their martial souls.

Ye Xinglan’s strength was not her soul skills, but her sword intent! She had trained for many years to understand her path of the sword, and it was he sword intent that she cultivated that earned her entry into Shrek Academy’s inner court. If not for the change in admission requirements so only one-word battle armor masters were admitted, a talent of her caliber would still be in the inner court.

Tang Wulin had been helpless against her the first time they fought. He had been utterly suppressed by the might that stemmed from her understanding of her Stargod Sword.

All that existed in Ye Xinglan’s world was the sword, and the sword reflected herself as her Stargod Weave twisted into a maelstrom that saturated the air wit

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