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Chapter 547 - The Continent of Star Luo

The gazes of everyone present converged on Elder Cai. She held her head high, peering down at the arena. “The first and second grades displayed exceptional strength today. The Academy has decided to pick a group of students from the lower grades in sixth months. They will be sent on an exchange trip to Star Luo and it will last one year. You would all do well to earn a spot in this exchange.”

Star Luo?Tang Wulin stared at Elder Cai in astonishment. Star Luo was a whole different continent and a land he knew nothing about! He could only imagine the sort of marvels there.

Being chosen for the delegation was certain in Tang Wulin’s opinion. After all, he was the class president of the first grade. Confident, he felt his thoughts wandering. That master-disciple pair who challenged Zhen Hua and him to a blacksmithing match should also be from Star Luo.So I’m going on an exchange to their homeland? I can’t believe it.

Although a wonderful opportunity to broaden his horizons, Tang Wulin wasn’t actually excited about it. Ever since entering Shrek Academy, his growth skyrocketed thanks to the wealth of resources available, as well as the Tang Sect’s offering. By the time Tang Wulin moved to the second grade, he reckoned that with a bit of luck, he would already be a one-word battle armor master. At that po8int, he would only be sixteen years old, surely a famous figure in all of Shrek Academy. Tang Wulin would have no trouble entering the inner court, slowly and steadily walking down the path to greatness. However, this exchange trip to Star Luo threw a wrench in his plans. He had no idea what to expect from it.

It wasn’t just Tang Wulin who was at a loss. The companions at his side were also taken by surprise. They stared Elder Cai vacantly. All except for Gu Yue, who was deep in thought, and a frowning Yuanen Yehui.

With the announcement over and the competition concluded, the audience began leaving in droves, each heading off to cultivate with renewed resolution. After the were the competitors.

Tang Wulin maintained a thoughtful silence all the way back to the working students dormitory before he spoke. “Yuanen, Zhengyu! Don’t go to your rooms just yet. We should discuss what Elder Cai said today.”

“Alright,” Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu answered together, stopping and turning to face Tang Wulin. They stared at him, the dormitory still and quiet.

“What do you guys know about Star Luo?” Tang Wulin asked.

Xie Xie perked up. “Oh! I know a bit!” He cleared his throat, practically hopping in excitement. “Tens of thousands of years ago, there were two great empires on Douluo.The Heaven Dou Empire and the Star Luo Empire. There were a few small countries sprinkled between them, but they were pretty much insignificant. About ten thousand years ago, the tectonic plates shifted and moved the Sun Moon continent toward us, so that they bordered Douluo. At that point, the Heaven Dou E

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