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Chapter 549 - What's Going On With You Today?

As Tang Wulin watched Zhen Hua and Mu Chen depart, he started to wonder what surprises they were talking about.There’s no way I would come across someone I know in Star Luo… is there? Nah, that’s impossible! What could they have meant?

This mystery stumped Tang Wulin, so he decided to worry about it later and just went back to campus. He only had a few days before his departure, and there were many things he still had to take care of. First he needed to visit the Tang Sect. He was currently a white-class agent of the Battle Hall, so he needed to report whenever he left campus.

Ever since he joined the Battle Hall, Tang Wulin hadn’t been assigned a single mission, yet he still received an immense amount of cultivation resources. He was even awarded bonus contribution points when he sold metals to the Tang Sect. He was reaping the benefits of membership, so it was important to report that he would be gone for a year.

Tang Wulin absentmindedly walked to the Tang Sect, not even thinking about the path he took. The moment he arrived, he found Guo Xiaoxu, Hall Master of the Battle Hall, standing outside the door.

“I already know you’re leaving for Star Luo,” Guo Xiaoxu said as Tang Wulin approached, giving him a warm smile. “While you’re there, remember to keep quiet, observe your surroundings, and stay safe. Come back in one piece, and don’t forget to bring your white-class agent badge.” He rummaged through his coat for a moment, then took out a letter. “You won’t be able to contact us all the way in Star Luo, so take this letter to the local Tang Sect headquarters and give it to the person in charge. If you run into any trouble, you can ask them for help.”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin gawked at the man. “Hall Master, we have a branch on the Star Luo continent?”

“What do you think?” Guo Xiaoxu chuckled. “We even have branches on the Heaven Dou continent. We’re not the only ones either. The Spirit Pagoda can be found on all three continents as well, and they have even more overseas branches. The ocean cannot confine organizations like ours. But Shrek Academy doesn’t have any overseas branches, of course. That would just be silly. They don’t care about expanding over there at all.”

Then Guo Xiaoxu’s gaze sharpened. “You’re still young, so going on this trip will broaden your horizons. You’re calm, mature for your age, so I’m sure you’ll keep a cool head if anything happens. Don’t forget that your agent badge has a button you can press to call for help. Don’t hesitate to press it. The moment you do, any agents in the vicinity will rush to your aid.”

“Understood.” Tang Wulin replied. He actually wouldn’t have remembered this function of the badge if the Hall Master hadn’t said anything.

With that, Guo Xiaoxu bid Tang Wulin farewell. As he left the Tang Sect, he looked up at the sky above him. It seemed strangely dull, more so than usual.

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