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Chapter 536 - Shocked

Wu Rui was thunderstruck. The third grade class had Yuanen Yehui thoroughly investigated prior to the competition beginning, because she was the class president of the second grade and posed the greatest potential threat. None of their predictions and strategy forecasts accounted for the possibility of her coming out for the first match. Their evaluation of Yuanen Yehui was that she was a power-assault-type with potent ranged and melee attacks, the champion of the second grade. They had unanimously agreed that it would be a mistake to underestimate her strength. What they had not discovered in all of their scouting was that she possessed the Fallen Angel martial soul.

When Wu Rui first found out his opponent was Yuanen Yehui, he was overjoyed. His abilities were the perfect counter to a power-type like her. With his control abilities and greater soul power, he could easily win a battle of attrition. However, Yuanen Yehui swiftly switched to her Fallen Angel martial soul. The Fallen Angel soul possessed speed, power, and control. It was an apical and superlative martial soul with nary a weakness. Even Heaven’s Book was no match for the Fallen Angel.

Wu Rui managed to buy some time with the replica, but the gap between the replica and the original was obvious. With the Curtain of Darkness raised over the arena, the efficacy of teleportation was suppressed as well. He had to admit that bitter truth: he was outmatched and in a bind. Wu Rui was cunning and intelligent, he knew exactly how much of a disadvantage he was at. He was facing someone with twin martial souls, both of the same ring level as his own martial soul. He couldn’t even outlast her in terms of soul power.

Even so, he couldn’t back down. Defeat was not an option!

Deep within the shadows of the Curtain of Darkness, a sphere of resplendent light blossomed and grew, pushing back against the endless night. At the center of the light was the Heaven’s Book, now several times larger than before.

Wu Rui’s form was once more visible now. Tendrils of white light whipped out from his abdomen, spreading across his body to form a shining chestplate. His aura overflowing with power. Then with a flick of his hands, items poured out of his storage rings and combined with his breastplate. A moment later, he was equipped with pauldrons, gauntlets, and faulds. All he was missing was a helmet and leg armor.

He was clad in six shining white pieces of battle armor. His armor’s design was plain and he couldn’t fuse with them, but their effect on his strength was staggering.

Waving his hand over the Heaven’s Book, he flipped the pages and summoned vines. The vines were all a minimum of 30% larger than before. In an instant, they spread throughout the entire arena to form a giant trap for Yuanen Yehui!

Six pieces of battle armor! As expected of a member of the third grade class!The spectators in the stands were awestruck. Wu Rui was a genius, one who

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