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Chapter 538 - Flame Body

Ye Wu’s martial soul was Flame Body! It was a martial soul that integrated both attack and defense into one. However, he had opted for a stranger path. By harnessing the air around him to produce large blasts of fire to propel him, he became an unconventional agility-type.

With the synergy of his abilities, he was quicker than even an agility-type one ring level above him. However, he could only display such shocking speed in a straight line.

Relying on her wealth of combat experience, Wu Siduo had judged herself to be in a disadvantage in a direct clash and so she had evaded to the side. Her decision proved correct.

Glancing back to watch Ye Wu swinging back around in a giant circle, power began to fill her as she called forth her martial soul. Might rippled through her muscles as she stood taller than before. Her hair took on streaks of black and white while tufts of hair appeared on her neck. Then her arms swelled thick and solid and her nails grew into claws. Her transformation was complete. This was her White Tiger form!

Ye Wu finished turning around now and was accelerating rapidly toward Wu Siduo. His cheek twitched when he saw her current burly form. What the hell is it with girls these days? Why do they all have such brawny martial souls? Like damn they’re scary!

In a white blur, Wu Siduo flicked her arms to the side and readied her claws. She would meet him directly this time.

Ye Wu was lightning quick. They two crashed into each other a blink of an eye later.

A boom rumbled through the arena. Flames burst from the collision.

Wu Siduo was sent sliding backward a dozen meters, but she remained standing. On the other hand, Ye Wu’s momentum had been destroyed.

In a clash between a power-type and an agility-type, the power-type won out. This was why Wu Siduo opted for her White Tiger martial soul. By relying on the White Tiger’s increase to her physical strength, she could easily disrupt an agility-type.

Both combatants’ blood was boiling now. They refused to back down.

Ye Wu let out a loud grunt and the flames around him danced with life. As the flames transitioned from orange to jade-green, the temperature around him rapidly rose. The air around him shimmered in a heat haze. Even a dozen meters away, Wu Siduo could feel the heat beating on her skin.

Wu Siduo’s White Tiger was still immature, incomparable as a second martial soul to Yuanen Yehui’s Fallen Angel. She currently only had three soul rings for it and had yet to find a suitable second spirit soul.

Her third soul ring lit up and glittering gold cascaded down her fur while her body swelled with even more strength. Taking a step forward, she suddenly pounced toward Ye Wu.

In a blur of movement, Ye Wu dashed to the side in a long winding arc. He began madly dashing around the arena in circles.

Ye Wu was undoubtedly an oddity among agility-types. He did not rely on deftness, but the force of imp

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