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Chapter 555 - Analysis Report

The staff member began reading the report. “Tang Wulin, a fourteen-year-old male. Class President of Shrek Academy’s first grade. Something of note is that their current class of freshmen is praised as the strongest in the last century. The fact that he’s their class president would indicate his excellence. Today, Tang Wulin arrived at the spirit ascension platform…” And the staff member finished narrating the events before Tang Wulin’s physical examination.

“Following his strange absorption of the Tyrant Dragon, we’ve conducted a detailed examination and analysis of his body. What we’ve discovered is astounding. First, we cannot find any trace of the Tyrant Dragon within his body. In other words, although we know for certain he absorbed the Tyrant Dragon, it’s as if his body never absorbed it in the first place.”

Low murmurs filled the room.

“That doesn’t make any sense!” said an elderly man known as Elder Tian. “The Tyrant Dragon is a willful spirit soul. The energy it possesses is monumental. Even ten-thousand-year spirit souls don’t stand a match against it! There’s no way a three-ringed soul master could bear all of its energy. It’s impossible for there to be no trace of it. Impossible!”

“I agree that it makes no sense. But facts are fact,” said the staff member. “Elder Tian, we’ve been very thorough with our examination and I can assure you that there were no traces of the Tyrant Dragon. That child did not lie.”

Leng Yaozhu waved her hand. “Continue on with the analysis.”

“Yes.” The staff member nodded. “The second surprising thing we discovered was the identity of his martial soul. It’s actually bluesilver grass. As I’m sure everyone is aware, this a martial soul that normally holds no future.” She smiled, her excitement visibly rising. “We also found a strange energy within his blood, so bizarre that we were doubtful he was human at first. But after running some more tests, we confirmed he is indeed human. That said, the strange energy in his blood far exceeds the mortal limit and seems to be affecting his martial soul.”

“Is he a hybrid?” asked Elder Tian.

The staff member shook her head. “He’s human from head to toe. But the energy within his blood is enormous. Furthermore, that energy is completely fused with his blood cells and we’re unable to separate the two. This bond is similar to that between one’s martial soul and one’s blood. The difference is the energy from the martial soul would usually dissipate into the air when the blood leaves the body. His did not. The energy remained bonded. This is an unprecedented discovery.

“We also conducted tests on his physical abilities. His strength is… how do I put this? If I were to make a comparison, it’s like he’s already as physically strong as a six-ringed Soul Emperor. And I mean one that’s an assault-type too. Be it his bones, meridians, internal organs, or muscles, they’ve all reached that level.”

Everyone prese

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