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Chapter 525 - Spirit Refined and Nurtured Life

Tang Wulin was completely focused. The only thing that mattered was his craft. Every swing of his hammers was filled with purpose. Time mattered not. His work was slow but thorough as he coaxed the blue coppertite to life.

The clock ticked on, and soon another half hour passed. Tang Wulin had been forging twice as long as his opponent had, and only then did a gentle glow finally appear around the coppertite. The spirals on the coppertite’s surface danced, swirling across it until they gathered at the front of the metal. The spirals were a pure blue, the same as the sparkling sea. The coppertite had not a single mar and life energy radiated from it in waves.

Lin Yuhan stared wide-eyed. She had been watching Tang Wulin work ever since she finished, barely starting to understand just how skilled her opponent was. She originally believed he didn’t stand a chance at winning this round, especially since he was taking more than twice as long as she had. Even if he succeeded in spirit refining the blue coppertite, she hadn’t seen any way his piece could surpass the quality of hers. The fact that he was taking so long meant his chances of success were low, and there was no way Zhen Hua could skew the results with so many people watching.

However, Lin Yuhan was now shaken to the core of her being. While she had granted her coppertite life, Tang Wulin was calling forth the life within his! Instead of simply using his soul power to give his coppertite life, he had been nurturing the ember of sentience that had appeared when he thousand refined it.

There were many ways to spirit refine a metal. Tang Wulin was using the most difficult way, the one that produced metals with the most powerful life energy, and greatest spirit. It was an extremely difficult method that required vast amounts of both soul power and life energy. It was impossible for most blacksmiths to use it since martial souls related to life energy were rare, and none dared pay the cost with their own life energy. Tang Wulin was only able to use it because of his wealth of blood essence.

Zhanggong Yan furrowed his brown, frowning as he watched Tang Wulin forge. He couldn’t help but think there was some deeper meaning to him choosing such a difficult method. It was unthinkable for a three-ringed soul master to succeed. The only chance of success he saw was in Tang Wulin’s dense soul power, which seemed unaffected as he continued to forge.

It wasn’t until half an hour later that Tang Wulin suddenly took a deep breath and slammed both his hammers onto the blue coppertite. The metal cried with joy, the wails of a newborn child. Life energy burst from it, so dense that nearly tangible motes of energy floated in the air, rushing into Tang Wulin’s body. The child was repaying its parent for granting it the gift of life! It was spirit refined with life, the highest level possible for spirit refined metals!

Zhen Hua gawked at

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