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Chapter 531 - Limit Douluo

An incalculable chain of booms sang through the air as the bloody eyeballs pummeled into the dark gold barrier. When the onslaught ended, however, the barrier remained standing, completely intact.

As suddenly as it had appeared, his tyrannical aura receded and the space around them locked in place. Then the mysterious stranger’s right arm enlarged and morphed into something inhuman as he raised it up. He slashed out with this arm at the evilsoul master, unleashing five dark-gold beams that could rend the heavens.

The evilsoul master could do nothing except watch in horror, shock, and awe as the man’s arm grew and his slash screamed through the space between them. There was no possible way for her to evade this attack.Just how strong is this man?With no other choice left to her, she pulled the thousands of bloody eyeballs in the air back to her body to form a crude armor and a crimson light appeared on her forehead. Her aura exploded out from the power she gathered and crimson vampiric wings unfurled from her back. Bracing herself, she sliced out with her blood-formed sword and unleashed a torrent of crimson beams.

Booming thundered out and the ground rumbled and groaned as the two titanic attacks clashed. The powerful fluctuations of soul power tore space itself apart.

There was a faint hum in the air, then the woman shot out from the cloud of dust and smoke created by the attacks. She was sent flying backwards for hundreds of meters before crashing into the ground. Five deep gashes marred her battle armor, and without it, she would have been torn to shreds.

“Y-you’re a Limit Douluo?” the woman asked incredulously, her voice trembling. She was a three-word battle armor master and a Hyper Douluo! With her armor equipped, her strength neared that of a Limit Douluo. This man had no armor equipped and still dominated the clash, the only possible explanation was that he was a Limit Douluo! Battle armor allowed one to unleash power comparable to that Limit Douluo. But they would never match up to a true Limit Douluo, who had one foot in the domain of gods, something battle armor could not emulate.

Without any hesitation, the woman abandoned Tang Wulin and dispersed into a cloud of blood, flying off in all directions. A moment later, she was gone without a trace.

The man didn’t bother chasing after her and walked over to Tang Wulin and Gu Yue instead. His right arm returned to its normal size, the sharp blades protruding from his fingers retracting. He stopped in front of Gu Yue, just in time for her to sit up.

“Young Miss,” the man said as he lowered down on one knee and bowed his head.

Gu Yue grunted her acknowledgement as she stood up and walked over to Tang Wulin. She squatted down beside him and gently caressed his cheek. A soft light left her hand and entered his face. The healing brought the swelling in his cheek down rapidly and his face returned to its normal appearance. The m

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