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Chapter 533 - Council of the Sea God's Pavilion

The Pavilion Master said, “The evil soul masters are becoming increasingly audacious with their actions lately. We cannot afford to continue holding back when dealing with them. But it's damn near impossible to track them! We can only reinforce the security of cities and dispatch military forces to keep an eye out. The Federation has also requested our assistance in retaliating against them, and I’ve agreed to lend our strength.

“Our inner court students will participate in the subjugation of the evil soul masters! We will also be working with the Tang Sect to create a network of informants, so we can root out their scheming and have some advance warning. The moment either of us discovers anything, we’ll report it to the other.”

“Understood,” the elders said in a chorus.

Elder Cai interrupted him before he could continue the discussion, “Pavilion Master, there is a smaller matter to discuss first. The delegation from Star Luo would like us to send a group of our students to an academy on Star Luo in an student exchange program.” She handed him some papers before continuing, “Here, take a look at their proposal.”

The Pavilion Master flipped through the proposal for a couple of seconds. Then he looked up and smiled. “Tell them that this student exchange is acceptable to us. We’ll send the best students from the outer court’s first and second grades. Let’s say… ten students, and Wu Zhangkong will take charge of the group. Our two recent classes have been excellent, especially the latest one. That Tang Wulin is always getting into trouble, so make sure he’s in the exchange group. This is a good opportunity to place him far outside the sight of the evilsoul masters.”

Zhen Hua clenched his teeth when he heard the last part of the Pavillion Master’s plans. He opened his mouth to voice what might have been a protest, but then thought better of it and closed it without saying a word.

“Pavilion Master,” Zhuo Shi said. “Those kids are still growing. If we let them go now…”

The Pavilion Master waved dismissively. “The delegation from Star Luo won’t be returning any time soon. While we’re waiting for them, let’s invest extra resources into the students going on the exchange. We’ll help them grow as much as possible! Besides, this is just a simple exchange to foster relations, we don’t have to be that concerned about peacocking. It isn’t necessary to send a group of our senior inner court students out. We just need to send the best of our younger students.”

Elder Cai nodded. “I agree. The exchange should take place roughly half a year from now, so the students will have that time. I suggest that we begin by creating a shortlist of candidates.”

“Then it’s settled,” declared the Pavilion Master. “Yue’er, please handle the shortlisting and selection of students for the exchange.”

“Understood,” Cai Yue’er answered.

Since the relatively straightforward matter of the st

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