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Chapter 535 - Replication

Song Lin, one of the teachers of the third grade class, was a teacher at Shrek Academy. She had no intention of utterly crushing either the first or second grade team at this competition. It wouldn’t be beneficial to their growth and development. At the end of the day, they were all students and there was no reason to be so brutal. This was her mindset when she decided to send Wu Rui, one of the top five students in the third grade, to fight in the first duel. Whoever the second grade decided to send, they wouldn’t be utterly demolished by Wu Rui. Nor would it be possible for them to defeat him, not without great difficulty.

Elder Cai stepped off the platform and disappeared in a silver flash. She appeared an instant later on the stage and announced, “The participants of the first duel will now step up on the stage.” Two figures entered from opposite ends of the stage and cheers erupted from the stands.

Wu Rui gracefully levitated himself up and landed on the stage, light as a feather. He looked like a scholar with an ephemeral air to him. With one arm in front and one behind, his hair was combed back without a single loose hair. A hint of a smile could be seen as he waved to the audience. He carried himself like a sage. If not for the fact that romantic relationships were forbidden by the Academy, he would surely have been one of the most prolific playboys.

Yuanen Yehui entered the arena with a thud. She wore her usual male disguise, any unique features she once had were blurred. Her arrival on the stage was followed by a surge of cheers from the second grade.

“I’m Wu Rui of the third grade,” he said, revealing a shining smile. There wasn’t the slightest hint of provocation or contempt in his expression. It was a perfect pretty boy’s smile. A most mysterious smile, one that tugged on the heartstrings of both men and women with no clear indication of whom that smile was intended for.

“Im Yuanen Yehui of the second grade,” she grunted unenthusiastically.

“So you’re the president of the second grade!” Wu Rui said. “I’ve heard that you have twin martial souls. Amazing! Well, good luck.”

Yuanen Yehui stared back at him, not uttering a word, expression deadpan.

Wu Rui continued, blissfully unaware that his charm was having no effect, “Don’t force yourself if things get too tough. No need to worry either, I’ll start off easy on you. I am your senior, after all, and we’re schoolmates anyway. If you work hard, I’m positive that one day, you’ll become as strong as me.”

On the sidelines of the arena, Song Lin was beginning to regret her choice. She cringed with every word of Wu Rui’s imperious monologue, and she was embarrassed by his arrogant posturing. Although Wu Rui was strong, he didn’t know when to shut his glib mouth. He loved to act the pretty boy and play up how much of a saint he was. Before students that were six years his junior, his shortcoming was showing its ugly head.

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