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Chapter 537 - The Mighty Yuanen Yehui

Wu Rui threw up his arms to defend himself.

Darkness crashed into him. A boom rumbled through the arena. An instant later, he was sent flying backward, violet sparks arcing across his body. Even with his six pieces of battle armor equipped, he had barely survived Yuanen Yehui’s sword strike. Without his armor, he would’ve been cleaved in half right now.

How is she so strong?Wu Rui’s mind was in turmoil as he flew through the air. Before he could regain his poise, a mountain of pressure slammed into him.

Wu Rui crashed into the ground. When the dust settled, the spectators saw Yuanen Yehui on kneeling atop Wu Rui’s stomach, her sword pointed down ready to impale him. All that stopped her was his battle armor. But she could just as easily skewer his exposed head.

“The match is over!” Elder Cai declared.

Yuanen Yehui lifted off Wu Rui with a flap of her wings and smoothly glided backward ten meters.

Cheers erupted from the crowd, the beating of victory drums thundering. Among the crowd, the second grade was undoubtedly the loudest.

“She’s gotten even stronger,” Tang Wulin muttered. “If she was this strong during our two-on-two, it would have been a close match. Her true strength is actually her Fallen Angel soul, not her Titan Great Ape!”

Gu Yue looked at him from the side. “Generally, a person’s second martial soul is stronger than their first. It’s just that their progression will lag behind a bit. I never would have thought she would get a second spirit soul for her Fallen Angel so fast. She probably made a breakthrough in her spiritual power.”

Tang Wulin chuckled. “We better not slack off then! We can’t afford to fall behind the rest.”

Unknown to Tang Wulin, he was one of the direct causes for her rapid growth. Her pride didn’t allow her to lose to these talented juniors of hers, and so she spared no effort to grow stronger. In fact, her black soul ring was just recently acquired. With it, her might was incomparable with before.

“For the first duel, the first and second grade team win,” Elder Cai announced.

Wu Rui hadn’t suffered any serious injuries, but he was down in the dumps. Even with six pieces of battle armor, he had lost to his junior. He was utterly ashamed.

Song Lin furrowed her brow. The third grade had lost the first match and this was a hit to their pride!

As a teacher, she had to acknowledge that the match was won fairly. Yuanen Yehui was far stronger than she had expected. It was no wonder that the administration agreed to let the first and second grades challenge the third grade.

Looking purely at her capabilities, Yuanen Yehui was an absolute genius. She had twin martial souls and both had four rings. She even had a ten-thousand-year spirit soul. Such strength put her at the top of even the third grade. Li Qiankun and Mo Jue couldn’t match her in talent. Once she completed her battle armor in the future, she would be able to

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