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Chapter 522 - Stability

Immortal spirit mushrooms were the kings of mushrooms. They only grew in locations where extreme amounts of yin and yang converged, and such locations were extraordinarily rare. It was hard for its spores to survive on the earth, but when they did and the mushroom itself formed, it was instantly at the thousand-year level. Every year of growth after the mushroom’s formation was equivalent to a thousand years of cultivation until it reached the ten-thousand-year level. At that point, the mushroom would no longer be able to contain the energies it developed, and that energy would rapidly fade away. Immortal spirit mushrooms could not develop sentience, but they naturally condensed all of their energies once they hit the limit of how much they could contain. Only after they did that, effectively shrinking themselves, were they ripe for harvest.

These mushrooms were even rarer than ten-thousand-year soul beasts. The conditions needed to grow one were far too harsh, but if a person put in the blood and sweat required to do so, they would be rewarded handsomely. Immortal spirit mushrooms balanced the yin and yang in the body of the being that ingested them. Put simply, they stabilized the energies of the body. This significantly lowered the chances of a soul master experiencing cultivation deviation and suffering irreparable damage, and also made it easier for them to breakthrough to the next level.

This mushroom couldn’t be considered mere food. It was a divine treasure!

A single immortal spirit mushroom bobbed up and down in each of their soup bowls, painting the clear broth a soft tan. Although everyone at the table had been served a mushroom, the one in Tang Wulin’s was clearly the largest and most nutritious.

“Here, Uncle-master!” Tang Wulin quickly exclaimed. “I’ll trade you mine.”

Zhen Hua smiled. “I appreciate your respect, but the chef gave you that mushroom. I couldn’t possibly steal his kindness from you. Hurry up and drink it. Immortal spirit mushrooms aren’t just nutritious. They’re also super delicious.”

Tang Wulin nodded and spooned himself a mouthful. The moment the broth touched his tongue, he felt as though he were floating on clouds, as if all his burdens had been lifted from his shoulders. His face flushed crimson as he forced himself to swallow down the heavenly soup, and he immediately began gasping for breath.

“Don’t worry.” Zhen Hua chuckled. “That’s just the mushroom purifying your body. I was like that when I drank this soup the first time too, but I made it out fine. It happens to everyone.” Then he turned to Gu Yue, ready to reassure her in the same way, when his eyes widened. “Huh? Girl, have you eaten immortal spirit mushrooms before?”

Gu Yue nodded. Unlike Tang Wulin, she had shown no reaction to drinking the soup.

Zhen Hua’s gaze sharpened. Immortal spirit mushrooms could not be obtained by any ordinary person. He himself had to go to great lengths to obta

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