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Chapter 524 - Rivals

As Tang Wulin got into the flow of blacksmithing, his arms became whips. He brought his hammers crashing down with roaring thunder and soon conjured a whirlwind around him. The blue coppertite shuddered with each booming blow, each impact spreading to shake the hall. With the stacked hammers effect amplifying each strike, Tang Wulin’s blacksmithing table was like the target of a soul cannon bombardment.

Lin Yuhan was the complete opposite. While Tang Wulin was a raging tempest, she was a steady mountain.

Lin Yuhan’s hammers crackled with electricity and pounded the energy into the coppertite. Every time they struck, they rested on the blue coppertite for one second, showing no sign of rebounding off of it. The swirling pattern on the metal changed rapidly under this purification of lightning.

Zhen Hua eyes hardened as he observed all of this.She has a lightning-attribute martial soul!

Refining a metal with lightning was an extremely difficult process that required exceptional skill. Lin Yuhan had to have extraordinarily high spiritual power to execute this method of refining.

As the two young blacksmiths continued hammering away, Zhanggong Yan and Zhen Hua stared at each other’s disciples in awe.

Zhanggong Yan couldn’t feel any soul power fluctuations from Tang Wulin. This meant Tang Wulin was forging with pure strength of muscle! Although he didn’t think much of the heavy silver hammers, he was well aware of the fact that heavy silver became exceptionally heavy once they were spirit refined. Yet the hammers were whirling through the air as though they weighed nothing and crashing down upon the metal with at least ten thousand kilograms of weight!

This left Zhanggong Yan in absolute awe of Tang Wulin’s innate divine strength. Anyone who possessed innate divine strength were undoubtedly suited to blacksmithing. They would always hold an advantage over other blacksmiths. Soon enough, he also noticed how Tang Wulin delivered each strike perfectly, landing them in the best place to disperse the waves within the coppertite. He clearly had a high comprehension of metals.

Damn! The Blacksmith’s Association had a genius after all! He has to at least be at the fourth rank. No wonder Zhen Hua was so confident.

A boom echoed from the center of the hall, and beams of light soared from the two forged pieces of coppertite at the exact same time. A minute had yet to even pass, and they had already finished hundred refining their metals. Both pieces of blue coppertite were much purer than before, but neither competitor showed any sign of stopping. Both were still wholly focused on their work, not sparing so much as a single glance to the other.

In spite of the violent tempest that was Tang Wulin raging right in front of her, Lin Yuhan maintained a steady pace. She delivered swift, electrifying strikes to her metal. Her hammers crackled with increasing intensity as time went on, and as she poured

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