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Chapter 554 - Rivals in Love?

Is it really that big of a deal? Even the Academy got notified?At the thought of Shrek Academy sending over people to watch over him, Tang Wulin felt his nervousness settle into relief. “I understand, Your Eminence. I’ll do my best to cooperate,” he said, beaming.

The fact that his body showed no changes after he absorbed the Tyrant Dragon still puzzled Tang Wulin however, especially after how mighty and great Leng Yaozhu had made the soul beast out to be.

“Great. Take a seat while we wait for the people from Shrek,” Leng Yaozhu said. If it were any soul master other than Tang Wulin, they would have already left for the examination room. But he was different. Not only was he Gu Yue’s friend, he was also a top student at Shrek Academy. Even in her lofty position at the Spirit Pagoda, she had heard tales of his exploits and his value in the eyes of the Academy. Even a simple physical examination could cause trouble if the Academy disagreed with any part of the procedure. As a result, Leng Yaozhu immediately informed them of what happened when she had first been privy to the details.

Several minutes later, a staff member entered the room and approached Leng Yaozhu’s side. She whispered, “Your Eminence, the people from Shrek Academy have arrived.”

“Who came?” Leng Yaozhu asked.

A trace of hesitation flashed across the staff member’s face. She lowered her head and said quietly, “It’s the Holy Spirit Douluo.”

Leng Yaozhu’s expression froze, but it came and went so quickly that a blink would cause one to miss it. She straightened her body. Then she shot to her feet. “Please come in.”

Tang Wulin turned to the door just in time to see Yali enter. He had to sneak a double take. Though uncertain if she had put in more effort into her appearance, Tang Wulin was sure of one thing. Today Yali was the picture of seraphic allure. A long white dress hugged her curves, her skin so fair and delicate that her advanced age was inconceivable.

“Your Eminence, Heavenly Phoenix,” Yali said, gently nodding toward Leng Yaozhu.

“Big Sis Yali, why are you acting like such a stranger?” Leng Yaozhu walked over with a smile. She wrapped her arms around Yali, and if it were a random bystander viewing this picturesque scene, they would think it was a usual occurrence for the two.

Yali also smiled, though hers was a shade more wry. “I need to act professionally, you know? Well, I’ll loosen up a bit just for you.” She sighed. “It’s been a long time. I’ve missed you. Anyway, what’s up? What kind of trouble did Wulin make for you?”

Leng Yaozhu chuckled. “It’s just a small issue, so don’t worry. And it’s not really his fault either. It’s ours.” She proceeded to recount the events to Yali.

Throughout the report, Yali never confirmed a single detail with Tang Wulin. She knew that Leng Yaozhu wouldn’t lie to her, both out of consideration for their relationship and as a representative of the Spirit Pagoda

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