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"We pay our respects to the Dragon Masters!" All six of the Great Beasts took a few steps backward with respectful expressions on their faces.

In the air above the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well was a pair of giant dragons that had been formed by the water in the lake. One of them was icy blue while the other was fiery red. Both dragons were radiating dazzling light, and peerlessly powerful auras erupted from their bodies. Even with Amorous Douluo Zang Xin's immense powers, he couldn't help but take a step backward to shield Tang Wulin and the others.

Following the emergence of the pair of dragons, all of the plants in the entire Ice Fire Yin Yang Well seemed to have sprung to life. All of a sudden, the life force energy in this place swelled drastically, and all of the plants began to expand at a rapid rate, exerting enormous pressure on Tang Wulin and the others.

Zang Xin's expression had darkened significantly. "Brother Luo, our Tang Sect has protected the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well, yet you're repaying our efforts by plotting against us?"

The purple-robed man said in an indifferent voice, "Protect us? It's true that you've helped us avoid many unnecessary troubles, but at the same time, we've also given you a lot in return. Ever since the founder of your Tang Sect, Tang San, discovered this place, you've been constantly taking from us! Now that your Tang Sect is falling into ruin, there's nothing left to be said. We don't need your protection anymore; with our abilities, self-preservation isn't an issue."

Zang Xin raised an eyebrow. "Are you not afraid that I'll leak the location of this Ice Fire Yin Yang Well? When that time comes, you'll be targeted by the entire human race."

A faint smile appeared on the purple-robed man's face. "As long as I keep all of you here forever, will the Tang Sect expose us?"

Zang Xin was enraged to the point of laughter upon hearing this. "Looks like you're very confident, Brother Luo. Do you really think you can keep me here?"

The purple-robed man replied in an indifferent manner, "I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't have absolute confidence. Do you know where these two Dragon Masters come from?"

Zang Xin's expression changed slightly. "Please enlighten me, Brother Luo."

The purple-robed man explained, "The patriarch of us soul beasts, the Dragon God, had nine sons. These nine sons included the seven holy elemental dragons, which include water, fire, earth, wind, light, darkness, and space. The other two sons are the mountain dragon and the golden dragon, the latter of which is the most powerful of the nine sons. These nine sons are collectively known as the Nine Dragon Masters. After the Dragon God perished in the Divine Realm, all of the nine Dragon Masters encountered different fates.

"The Water Dragon King and Fire Dragon King among the nine Dragon Masters both perished at the same time, and they descended to this place. Their bodies are buried deep under the Ice Fire Yin

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