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Was this supposed to be a virtual reality setting? This was quite interesting.

However, there was a massive bottomless hole next to him, and the hole was entirely inky-black in color. There were some indescribable auras rising up from down below, causing his mind to shudder slightly.

He inspected his internal condition, and sure enough, he could no longer sense his soul power. It was as if his soul power vortex had completely disappeared from within his body. Thankfully, his bloodline vortex was still there, and his blood essence power was still extremely abundant, so he hadn't been impacted much

Right at this moment, light flashed and the female major appeared beside him. She was in the exact same attire as before, but when she caught sight of him, a different expression finally broke through her cold facade; it was surprise!

"How did you get in here so quickly?" the major asked.

"Is there a competition for speed?" Tang Wulin answered her question with one of his own.

The female major's expression returned to normal, and she pointed into the abyss. "Jump into it."

"Alright." Tang Wulin did as he was told and leaped into the black hole without any hesitation. He didn't know what was down there, but this was only a simulated world, so there was nothing to fear. After everything that he'd been through, would he be afraid of falling to his death in a simulation? Furthermore, with his current physical constitution, it would be quite difficult for him to fall to his death even if he tried.

The major also jumped into the abyss right after him.

Everything in the surrounding area began to turn dark, but Tang Wulin's eyes glowed with purple light as he unleashed his Purple Demon Eyes.

Cultivating the Purple Demon Eyes could improve his spiritual power, and conversely, after one's spiritual power reached a certain level, it would also begin to reciprocate their Purple Demon Eyes. As such, Tang Wulin was already beginning to progress toward the third level of his Purple Demon Eyes. Even though there was still quite a gap for him to bridge, the cultivation of the Purple Demon Eyes was a process of accumulation anyway; after cultivating it for a long enough time, everything would naturally fall into place.

Through the use of his Purple Demon Eyes, he was able to discern that this was a cave. The walls of the cave were quite uneven, so it didn't appear to have been artificially excavated. After falling for around 100 meters, a massive net appeared down below to stop their fall.

As their bodies gradually stabilized, Tang Wulin caught sight of a series of holes beside the net that had broken their fall. The holes were all of different sizes; the largest ones had diameters of around 10 meters, while the smallest ones were only around two meters in diameter. Furthermore, these holes were very irregular in size and seemed to have been smashed into the rock faces by something.

The female major climbed along the n

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