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His right hand clenched into a fist, which he launched directly at the six-clawed bat up ahead.

The bat had only just stabilized its body after emerging from the cave, so it had no time to evade, and could only retaliate with its six claws.

This was going to be a direct clash between six claws and one fist.

However, right at this moment, Tang Wulin employed a little trick; he tucked his legs beneath him before gently tapping his feet against two of the bat's claws. In doing so, his body was elevated slightly, thereby allowing him to evade the bat's claws while his fist rammed viciously into its head.

"Boom!" The six-clawed bat's body was reduced to pieces. Tang Wulin drew upon the recoil force to perform a backward somersault before descending from the sky. During his descent, he unleashed his Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon to draw the alloy staff that he'd just hurled away back to him.

Despite the fact that he had no access to his soul power, his blood essence vortex was still rotating at a rapid rate, so he was able to use his Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon anyway, and the alloy staff immediately returned to his grasp.

The final six-clawed bat was extremely cunning; as opposed to attacking him, it pounced directly toward the major instead.

The major stood still on the spot, but her brows had furrowed slightly. Tang Wulin had indeed just displayed immense combat prowess, but he would not be welcome to the Blood God Legion if he were just a ruffian who didn't care about his comrades.

However, right at this moment, a black shadow flashed past, and a dull thump rang out. The six-claws bat was just about to reach her when its body was completely punctured by the alloy staff from the side. The momentum of the staff sent it flying toward the rock face in the distance, and only in the instant that the staff struck the rock face did the terrifying power imbued within it completely erupt, instantly shattering the six-claws bat's body.

Just as the major was looking on in a flabbergasted manner, Tang Wulin had already returned to her side.

Right at this moment, a black shadow reached Tang Wulin like lightning. It wasn't very large, but it was very long, and it seemed to be a snake, but it had rows of tiny claws under its body. As soon as it reached Tang Wulin, it abruptly opened its massive mouth before chomping down upon him.

This creature had appeared far too abruptly, and it had appeared virtually right after Tang Wulin hurled his staff through the air for the second time to destroy the third six-clawed bat. Of course, its target was the major as opposed to Tang Wulin.

He had been fast enough to position himself in front of the major, but he no longer had his staff. The creature opened its mouth until it was in excess of a meter in diameter, and there were rows of menacing sharp teeth within its massive mouth. What was even more terrifying was that it had a long tongue, which shot forth toward Ta

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