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She was simply far too fast, hurtling toward Tang Wulin like lightning before bringing the strange blade in her hand directly down toward his shoulder.

Even Tang Wulin was caught off guard by her speed, which was virtually as fast as instantaneous teleportation, and it was already too late for him to evade. Under these circumstances, Tang Wulin made a very direct decision.

He didn't try to take any evasive measure, nor did he even attempt to defend himself. Instead, he reached out toward her chest with his left hand while lashing out with his right hand unleashing his Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws.

A long weapon like his Golden Dragon Spear would only prove to be cumbersome in this situation, so he could only relinquish it for now, dropping toward the ground before catching it with his right foot.

He was going to fight fire with fire!

Tang Wulin was very confident in his own defensive and regenerative prowess, so he was retaliating in a very aggressive manner.

The Demonic Enchantress gave a disdainful harrumph, and her saber was slashing through the air so quickly that it was leaving a string of afterimages in its wake. Before Tang Wulin's hands reached her, it had already crashed heavily into his shoulder.

Blood splattered everywhere, and Tang Wulin could feel that his left collarbone had been chopped in half by the devastating strike. However, his powerful physical constitution really shone through at times like this.

Even though he couldn't use any soul skills, he still had the defensive abilities of his Mountain Dragon King torso bone, and in the instant that his collarbone and scapula were broken, he abruptly withdrew his bones to trap his opponent's weapon.

A burst of energy that was filled with despair and destruction erupted from the saber. However, during his military training on the demonic island, Tang Wulin had attained destructive energy of an even higher level of purity than this, so he remained largely unaffected.

His left hand wasn't able to grab onto his opponent, but he still managed to unleash his Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws.

The Demonic Enchantress was clearly very confident in her own speed, but much to her surprise, Tang Wulin's claws encompassed an area with a radius of several tens of meters.

Five dark golden streaks of light flashed past, and the Demonic Enchantress had managed to retreat for over 20 meters, but she was still struck by the attack.

In the instant before the attack landed, she abruptly withdrew her wings.


Her body shot back like a cannonball for over 100 meters before crashing into a rock face in the distance. One of her wings had been severed by Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Annihilation Claws, and he forced himself to ignore the agony spearing through his body from his shoulder as he flicked his right foot forward. His Golden Dragon Spear was hurled through the air as a result, and it flew directly toward the Demonic Enchantress.

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