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A burst of astonishing sword intent abruptly erupted from Zang Xin's body. He'd been holding back for a long while, and as soon as this sword intent appeared, a dominant aura that looked down on the entire world immediately emerged. The almighty sword intent had even split apart the Rainbow Miasma up above, allowing a beam of sunlight to shine down into the valley.

Ye Xinglan was standing behind Zang Xin, and her eyes immediately lit up as she experienced his sword intent. Her martial soul was also a sword, and experiencing the sword intent of such a powerful being would undoubtedly be immensely beneficial to her cultivation.

"I'll give you three types of 100,000-year-old spirit plants," the purple-robed man conceded through gritted teeth.

However, Zang Xin clearly wasn't in the mood for negotiation, and he said in a cold voice, "I want eight, and I won't accept anything less. If you don't agree, then I'll just have to kill all of you. With the nurturing effect of the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well, it won't be long before more spirit items begin to grow here. I now realize that our Tang Sect hasn't been doing enough to keep all of you in line, so from now on, we're going to control this place by force. All six of you are over 100,000 years of age; you'll make fantastic soul spirits!"

The Delicate Inferno Apricot Flower let loose an enraged cry. "Don't force our hand or we'll make you pay! The six of us will definitely be enough to take you down! Even if we die in the process, we won't let you have your way!"

"Oh really now?" Light flashed through Zang Xin's eyes, and the almighty sword intent emanating from his body suddenly took on a substantial form. A gigantic sword that was over 1,000 feet long appeared in mid-air, and at the same time, streams of silver liquid surged out of his pores, quickly forming a suit of armor that encapsulated his entire body.

This was a suit of glittering and translucent silver battle armor with as many as three pairs of wings on its back. The entire suit of silver armor seemed to a living creature, and light was shimmering within it. The suit of armor had countless patterns running all over its surface, and it was extremely lavish to behold. Zang Xin's body had also swelled to over three meters tall, and his body formed the core of the suit of battle armor.

He raised a hand, and the enormous sword appeared in the air above the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well. Terrifying sword qi surged through the air, creating tens of thousands of tiny swords around the gargantuan sword.

There was a rose pattern on the visor of Zang Xin's suit of four-word battle armor, and in that moment, his eyes were like pools of water that were gently rippling with boundless passion.

He was a Limit Douluo in a suit of four-word battle armor!

Back when Shrek Academy was on the verge of destruction, Tang Wulin and his friends had witnessed such an almighty combination in the form of Atlas Douluo Yun Ming, and this was t

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