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The voice that had rung out in Tang Wulin's mind belonged to the Beautiful Silk Tulip, and Tang Wulin was very astonished to hear this. One square kilometer was 1,000,000 square meters! There were several hundred Demonic Sandbugs here, and if they could reduce one square kilometer of forest into desert in a day, then they were definitely some of the worst offenders contributing to destroying the ecosystem. In fact, they were almost as abhorrent as humans in this respect.

With the Beautiful Silk Tulip's explanation, Tang Wulin didn't say anything else. He stepped forward and stomped heavily down onto the ground, propelling his body directly toward the leader of the Demonic Sandbugs like a speeding arrow.

The gigantic Demonic Sandbug let loose a strange cry and flapped its wings to counteract the increased gravitational force that had instantly spread toward it. At the same time, it stabbed its sharp front limbs toward Tang Wulin and released a plume of dark green mist as it flapped its wings.

All of the other Demonic Sandbugs also began to flap their wings to release a vast expanse of dense dark green mist.

"This is a paralyzing mist. It doesn't inflict much damage to the target's body, but it has very powerful paralysis effects, and even direct contact with skin alone could quickly knock out a living being. This is something that Demonic Sandbugs regularly use to great effect, but in my presence, all poisons and toxins are ineffective," the Beautiful Silk Tulip said in a proud manner.

A layer of pink light had already begun to spread from Tang Wulin's body during its explanation, and the dark green mist was instantly dissolved upon coming into contact with the pink light. When the pink light came into contact with the huge Demonic Sandbug, it suddenly let loose a distressed screech and immediately tried to flee the scene. At the same time, its aura had been severely debilitated.

Tang Wulin wouldn't be fit to be the leader of the current generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters if he were to miss out on an opportunity like this.

His Golden Dragon Spear came crashing down with mountainous force, and the 10,000-year-old Demonic Sandbug's body was instantly shattered into countless pieces by his devastating attack.

With the enhancements of his Dragon Moon battle armor, his strength definitely exceeded 200 tons. Even a Titled Douluo wouldn't dare to take a direct attack from him without releasing their suit of battle armor.

After destroying the leader of the Demonic Sandbug with one strike, Tang Wulin unleashed his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track and swung his Golden Dragon Spear, killing one Demonic Sandbug after another in a completely unstoppable manner.

No Demonic Sandbug was able to last more than an instant against him, and one body after another exploded in the desert.

Seeing as they were pests, there was naturally no need for him to hold back.

The poisonous mist being emitted by the Demonic Sandbugs

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