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After Tang Wulin scaled the first mountain, he began to understand why this rule had been set in place.

Climbing these snowy mountains was definitely a test of one's willpower. Without being able to use one's martial soul, the journey was quite tough, even with abundant reserves of soul power.

The snow on the mountains was very thick, which made walking quite difficult, and the terrain was very steep. The temperatures only plummeted further the higher one climbed, and the air also grew thinner at high altitudes.

Even with his physical constitution, his breathing had begun to accelerate after scaling the first snowy mountain. For a normal person, there was no way to complete this task without any modern equipment to assist them. However, he really liked this feeling, and he enjoyed the grind.

After resting for a while and eating a few handfuls of snow, Tang Wulin leaped forward and jumped straight down the other side of the mountain from the summit.

The thick snow provided him with the ideal padding, and his body quickly slid down along the mountain face, hurtling toward the foot of the mountain.

Only Tang Wulin would dare to do something like this as other people would definitely be concerned about what would happen to them at the conclusion of their descent.

Tang Wulin completely spread open his body to maximize the surface area of the snow that he came into contact with, thereby preventing himself from sinking into the thick snow. His body was constantly accelerating, and powder snow was flying past him on either side. He released his spiritual power so he could detect any hazards down below, and constantly adjusted the direction that he was going in in accordance with those observations.

It had taken him over an hour to scale the mountain, but only several minutes to get down to the other side. As he began to near the foot of the mountain, Tang Wulin raised both of his legs and borrowed the momentum to continue sliding forward, taking him several dozens of meters up the next mountain before his momentum finally ran out. He then bent his legs and sat up, and his entire body sank into the accumulated snow on the mountain face.

That was so exhilarating!

This was most likely what skiing or snowboarding felt like.

The snow on these mountains was very thick, and Tang Wulin had learned that under such settings, one had to make as little sound as possible. Otherwise, it would be very easy to trigger an avalanche. As such, he repressed the urge to let loose a cry of elation before flattening himself against the mountain face. Almost half of his body had sunk into the accumulated snow, and he was climbing upward with difficulty.

He didn't use his martial soul, but his hands were as hard as steel essence, and even without using his golden dragon claws, he could still scale the mountain face in a steady manner.

Not all sections of the mountain face were as steep as this; the steepness of the terrain fl

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